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 Love in Extremes:
     Lacking It or Being It    
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Who can deny that loving is life's greatest experience, except those persons who, from lack of it, turn to substitutes, such as an obsession for power over others through force, intimidation, manipulation, and fear? Yes, the tyrant, the terrorist, and their followers are so empty of love in their consciousness that they go to extremes to fill the vacuum within their minds. Those who commit the greatest atrocities are those who lack the vibration, the energy, and the presence of love in their lives.

Moreover, those who lack love's presence in their lives are those who lack God's Presence in their lives, making them easy prey for the leader who uses the name of God to give credibility to his rallying cry. The recruits are plentiful, for the underworld-those more hellish, lower astral planes-houses souls ready to incarnate and lash out from the lack of love or God in their lives.
These souls harbor an anguish that feels, "If I hurt so much, I will hurt others." And, mystically viewed, the lack of love or God's Presence is the greatest of all hurts. Those who suffer the most from it are those who are most unaware of the actual cause of why they are hurting, or why they wish to lash out at others under the veneer of a cause that God supposedly favors. 
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Text taken from Dr. Paul Leon Masters' Book: Mystical Insights, Knowing the Unknown
- Pgs. 177-179. 

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When it comes to health and healing, indeed Silence is Golden, for it is the Sacred Silence of Universal God-Presence working to maintain or restore the health of one's body.

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Absolute Oneness is the Absolute Relationship.  In such Oneness there is no isolation or apartness. Identity is not so concerned about being loved as it is with loving.

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