Stay healthy AND connected!
While practicing physical distancing, the AHA! team is staying connected via online communication.
Though our office is closed and in-person groups are cancelled, we are committed to offering the following online groups and support to our beloved community. 
  • All AHA! After-School groups will continue to be held via Zoom.

  • We are doing our best to provide many of our In-School programs (including AHA! Peace Builders) with a new Zoom format as well.

  • We are working on creating AHA! Connect online groups in April in order to serve additional folks (including any teen from across the community who would like to join a newly forming group; also will be open to AHA! Alumni). 

  • We are planning an online AHA! For Adults (including parents and educators) group on April 28th! Check the AHA! Website for further information. 

  • AHA! staff are creating fantastic 1-2-minute videos for our Instagram! Check out @AHA_SB daily for creative, entertaining, and helpful postings. Get to know our amazing staff as they share suggestions for mindfulness practices, journal prompts and other creative activities, relationship tips, and other ways to stay emotionally, physically, and relationally healthy during this trying time. 

  • Check out our beautiful new website,! Every Monday, we will post an update on the home page by 5:00 pm. Huge thanks to the team at Oniracom for the gorgeous design.
Sending love from our family to yours!
Our programs happen ONLY with your support!