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Love as a Social Determinant of Health

Congratulations to the HEAL 2019 Cohort!

At the virtual commencement ceremony for the 2019-2021 HEAL Fellow Cohort, Dr. Joia Mukherjee, Chief Medical Officer at Partners in Health, shared insights with th accomplished group of HEAL fellows.

"We don't talk about the power of love as a social determinant of health.

The mothers protecting their children, midwives who stay up for the second night in a row to attend to a woman in labor, the doctors who are exhausted from caring for patients with COVID and are still on call, the pharmacists who count every last pill, and the community health workers who are walking that extra mile.

The social determinant of love, which is which is what we bring as the HEAL group, as Partners in Health, as Muso, as Compañeros en Salud, as our great collective, that is our counterweight to the forces of racism, the forces of impoverishment, of white supremacy."

In the face of the global COVID-19 pandemic, vaccine apartheid and layers of structural violence, it is love and a deep commitment to community that fuel HEAL fellows and healthcare workers all over the world to continue serving the underserved for the long term.

We honor the accomplishments and contributions of this dedicated cohort of HEAL Fellows as well as the communities that hold them and make their success possible!

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Updates from the Growing HEAL Community

This summer, we warmly welcome two Navajo Nation based staff who will support our Navajo fellows as mentors and strategic advisors. Three skilled interns have also joined us for the summer. Meet our growing team.

2020 Cristina Rivera Carpenter.jpg

Cristina Rivera Carpenter, PhD, MSN, RN-BC

Navajo Nation Program Officer

F Thompson pic _1_.jpg

Floyd Thompson, MA

Senior Advisor in Navajo Nation

Annual Global Health Trainings:

Virtual Community Building

New fellows in the 2021-2023 cohort gathered for the first time in July to build community and engage in critical discourse on power, privilege, and equity in global health.

Meet the 2021 cohort on our blog!

"Medicine is beautiful. It has brought all of us here with a common goal to help others."

- HEAL 2021 Fellow

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Our ongoing video series gives a deeper glimpse into why our new cohort of HEAL Fellows are passionate about healthcare and health equity.

Watch the Video Profiles

Zena Salim_YT Thumb.png

Zena Salim, MD a Kenyan-American physician, who will serve in both Navajo Nation and Partners in Health, Rwanda

HEAL Youtube Thumbnails_New Cohort 2123.png

Bronwyn Smith, PharmD, a Diné (Navajo) clinical pharmacist, serving her community at Tuba City Regional Health Care in Arizona

HEAL Youtube Thumbnails_New Cohort 2123 _2_.png

Emmanual Bua, MD a Ugandan surgeon, serving at Mbale Regional Referral hospital in Uganda

Leadership for the Long Term

Announcing HEAL Alumni coordinators _3_.png

Our Alumni Coordinators and Committee include health care professionals who participated in 4 different fellowship cohorts and continue to serve the underserved across Liberia, Mali, Malawi, India, Navajo Nation, throughout the United States.

"The most valuable part of HEAL has really been the community. I'm done with the 2-year HEAL fellowship, but still tell people I'm a fellow. I still feel strongly a part of this community."

- Amanda Bradke, HEAL Alumni Co-Coordinator

Meet the Alumni Committee

Solidarity is Love in Action

Responding to the needs of our global partners continues to be a priority as COVID-19, new variants and vaccine access have ongoing impacts in the communities of many of our partner sites.

  • HEAL continues to serve in Navajo Nation, and was recently awarded the Navajo area director award as an outstanding volunteer during the COVID crisis.

  • In India, HEAL continues to support medical colleagues by providing training to our physicians to facilitate conversations on death and dying.

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