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Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation Newsletter 

February 2014 


Still from Mt. Pisgah webcam, 2/6/14

Standing in a valley,
With the mist coming in,
Berries grow on the holly bushes.
Robins hide in snow-ridden woods.
If I could stay here, I would.
-  Bethan Williams



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 Photo by Elise Kahl

How glorious a greeting
the sun gives the mountains! 
John Muir
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In this month celebrating love,
it's easy to remember why we are all here.

We love the Parkway.
Whether the Parkway represents an important journey... 

Cherished family memories...

Or home...  

it ties millions of us together in a love
for one of the most beautiful places on earth.

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Spring one day...and snow the next?



Ahhh...February. With the weather nearly 60 degrees one day and cold and icy the next, it's hard to predict what you can expect when you travel on diverse terrain of the Parkway.


Thanks to our partnership with Ray's Weather Center, the weather guessing game is over!


The next time you head to the Parkway - or if you're simply wondering what the weather is like at your favorite destination - visit or for a great forecast from many of your favorite Parkway locations. While there, don't forget to check out the webcams to see real-time weather, along with conditions from the past 24 hours.

As always, be safe and enjoy your trip to the Parkway!


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Next month, we will announce our funded projects and programs for 2014. Stay tuned to see which projects we will support on the Parkway this year...and ways that you can help protect some of your favorite spots!

Click here to see some of the projects and programs we have funded in the past with the help of you, our Community of Stewards.

Kids in Parks News 

Last year, the Kids in Parks program received a grant from the National Park Service to expand their network of TRACK Trails into 13 DC Region National Park Service units as part of the region's Healthy Parks Healthy People program. Last week, the National Park Service launched the campaign with the release of a series of videos about the program. One of the videos features Junior Rangers from the region. Check it out by clicking the image below!

Parkway Place Challenge 

No one has guessed this location on the Parkway, so we are posting it again to see if we can find a winner. Hint: it's not in North Carolina.

Do you know the location of this photo taken on the Parkway?

We are always looking for great photos for the Parkway Place Challenge. If you have one that you think would be a great puzzler, please submit it to Christy Bell
by clicking here!

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