Love for others

February, the month of love, we usually spend running around thinking of new and creative ways to show our loved ones how deeply we care about them. Yet in the midst of everything, we most often forget to show love… for ourselves.

And loving yourself doesn’t necessarily mean expensive holidays, relaxing spa treatments or new haircuts (though there’s nothing wrong with any of them!). It also means putting yourself first and following your passion, giving yourself the freedom to create and simply being yourself.

And no one illustrates this more than our 50 over 50 interviewees, who keep surprising us every month. They not only show resilience to people’s comments (‘maybe it’s too late’ or ‘maybe you should have a stable job’), but also a true love to their calling - singing, dancing, acting and creating.

So if today is the day when you feel you could do with someone saying ‘ you’re doing great , just keep moving’ or you need a bit of motivation to take that first step to change your life, then read one of these uplifting stories below. Only 2 min to give and so much to gain!

Julie started her career with random jobs, which she didn't enjoy that much. Well, she found them so boring that she even fell asleep at one of them! She then got into Drama School and spent her every minute either acting or earning money to pay for her education. She’s now been working in the industry for over 30 years.

And just to prove that ‘it’s never too late’ she did her MA in Performance Making when she was in her late 40s!

Éva has been dancing for almost 50 years, though she always felt like she had ‘love and hate relationship’ with dance. Until she turned 50 and truly rediscovered her passion. If you ask her, she’ll tell you that she’s a living example that ‘it’s never too late’.

She faced many obstacles in pursuit of her dance career. When opportunities to learn new skills and tour the world aroused, she simply couldn’t take them, as she was stateless and a single mum. Dance had to be put aside and become a part-time hobby.

Kath started performing after high school, but then followed a different path. She went to study and did an MA in Women’s Studies and a PhD in Victorian Poetry, then taught English and Drama at a university for eight years. At the age of 37, her soul was stirred and she remembered how much she loves performing.

She then left her academic career and she’s surprised to this date how she managed to thrive in this career for 20 years! She truly believes that she made her career by doing what she wanted, with whatever resources were available at that time.

Music followed Barb since her childhood - her parents used to take her to live shows and opera, and there was always music playing in the house. She also used to write poems and easily picked up the tunes. So music seemed like a perfect route, everyone knew that’s what she’ll end up doing.

Well, Barb never thought of music as a career but more of ‘ something you can’t not do. ’ There was no straightforward path for her or breadcrumbs to follow, yet she still went ahead.
What is ‘50 over 50’?

A campaign I created on my 50th birthday to celebrate women, who are my age or older and are still performing in show business. I know that there are many artists who keep challenging the perception that the entertainment industry is reserved for only young people only. Hence why I want to share their stories and inspire women to not give up on their dreams and follow their passions.

Are you over 50 and still performing? Want to share your story? Or maybe you know someone incredibly empowering?

Then drop us a line at or call on 0203 637 3053 . We would love to hear from you!
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