Love possesses a ripple effect that we seldom think about. It begins with and gains momentum from how we feel about and treat ourselves. From your heart you connect to everything and everyone around you like a cascade or an echo of inter-woven feelings, energy, and possibility. The more love and kindness you are able to extend to yourself, the more love and kindness you have access to, and in turn, can extend to the world around you. The only way to understand love is to live it from within and to share it and pay it forward from head and heart combined.

What becomes possible this Valentine’s Day and every day thereafter if you lean into the only love you can control and take ownership of… an expansion of your own personal self-acceptance and self-love? As wonderful as it is to love a significant someone, to adore your family with all your heart, to have genuine feelings for your friends, to be philanthropic…none of that is genuinely possible without first loving and understanding yourself.

The most interesting aspect of this is that even if you are loved beyond reason by others, it cannot make you feel joy and compassion within yourself. Only you can do that. By choosing what aligns and ignites you, what gives you purpose and leverages your legacy, you choose to empower and celebrate yourself. Although love is essentially a feeling, when you mindfully empower love from a place of mindfulness, you activate the most meaningful expression of love because it is driven by choice.

That love-fest party extends from the inside out. Love is a whole number, it is not a competition of more or less, or a fraction that sub-divides. That is why when you love yourself, you possess the capacity to love another at 100%. There is no better half, no one that completes you, because inner love, inner peace, self-acceptance already defines you as whole. You enter all relationships from the vantage point of 100%.


Create and use the Love Box as a tangible self-love reminder. Then activate your daily ripple effect of love!

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