Allegheny County Parks Foundation
launches Crowdrise Campaign for North Park Lake Trail

Designed by famed landscape architect Paul Riis, North Park is the largest and, along with South Park, the oldest of the Allegheny County Parks. At the heart of the park is a stunning lake with a five-mile loop trail to invite walkers, runners and bicyclists to enjoy the natural beauty of the park.

The Allegheny County Parks Foundation has partnered with Allegheny County to restore and improve various sections of the North Park Lake Trail. We have launched a campaign to complete the remaining one and one-half miles along Pearce Mill Road. This project will transform the surrounding landscape and create a safer experience for all users.

The total cost of the project is $2.2 million, half of which will be matched by Allegheny County. We are on our way toward meeting our $1.1 million fundraising goal with a $300,000 foundation grant and other potential funding sources. We are inviting those who of you who love the North Park Lake Trail to be a part of completing this project.  

Help us raise $50,000 from the community of users who 
Love the Loop. 
Your gift will be matched dollar for dollar by Allegheny County!

Be inspired by watching our video, consider what this beautiful place means to you and make a contribution today.


Sign up to participate in a 
2016 Dick's Pittsburgh Marathon event, 
designate the Allegheny County Parks Foundation as your charity and get a 
The money you raise will go towards completing the North Park Lake Trail 
and will be matched 
dollar for dollar by Allegheny County.

 Thank you to our North Park Lake Trail Ambassadors!
If you would like to be a part of completing the North Park Lake Trail, 
e-mail Barbara Brewton or call the Foundation at 724-327-7627.

Cathy Connor
Craig Cozza, Cozza Enterprises
Fleet Feet Sports
Go Ape!
Lara Huffman
Rebecca Juneau
Mike Kotyk, Over the Bar Bicycle Cafe at the North Park Boathouse
Kevin McKeegan
Kevin Smith of Elite Runners & Walkers
Brian, Kelly, Grace & Meredith Sullivan
Tammi Wilson
North Allegheny Cross Country
Team Members

Chloe Coltharp
Kara Daggett
Anna Katsas
Claire Landis
Josie Landis
Murphy McAndrews
Sarah Rectenwald

The mission of the Allegheny County Parks Foundation is to help improve, conserve, maintain, protect, preserve and restore Allegheny County park facilities and open spaces, and also to support educational, recreational, natural and cultural activities. The foundation assists in the transformation of the nine Allegheny County parks by assembling resources, improving assets, and mobilizing public and private stakeholders to advance strategies and aspirations to make parks signature assets of Southwestern Pennsylvania. 


James Mitnick - Chair
Ellen Still Brooks - Vice Chair
Rick Rose - Treasurer
Sally McCrady - Secretary
Thomas W. Armstrong
Chip Babst
Bill Bates
Carol Brown 
G. Reynolds Clark
Karen Wolk Feinstein
Pat Getty
Nancy Knauss
John Mascaro, Jr.
Dan Onorato
Thomas Sterling
John P. Surma
Rich Fitzgerald - Ex Officio
John DeFazio - Ex Officio
William McKain - Ex Officio
Stephen Shanley - Ex Officio
Andy Baechle - Ex Officio
Caren Glotfelty, Executive Director  - Ex Officio  

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