Happy Graduation!!!
Virtual Ceremony is underway and deadlines are fixed

See below from Assistant Principal Schoolcraft for important information!

Don't miss out!

This is different from the Senior Wall!
Dear Senior Parents,
We are in the process of creating the graduation video for the Class of 2020. The county is using an external company that has very definitive deadlines. I have sent multiple communications to both student personal emails and school email. Only 20% of students have responded to the google survey I sent to their  fcpsschools.net  account. And only 5% have uploaded a picture up to this point. If a student does not access the marching order website, they will not be included in the ceremony. Therefore it is imperative that they do 2 things:
  1. Fill out the form I sent to them through their fcpsschools.net to let me know if they are or are not participating (I need all students to fill this out)
  2. Go into the marching order site to upload their picture by June 10th

If they did not receive an email from marching order (this email could be in their  fcpsschools.net account or personal account) please have them email  helpdesk@marchingorder.com

Thank you!
Danielle Schoolcraft
Assistant Principal
Marshall High School