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Pillow Project
It's Love your Pets Day!!!!
January 14th, 2013

"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened." 
- Anatole France
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Mikey's Message to You!
Diva Dan and Cathy's Little Annabel

Diva Dan and I are true animal lovers. We love our two cats Riverstone and Dimitri. I would often watch Diva Dan working in the garden or cleaning the house and there is Riverstone following his every move and always helping out with a little cute distraction with a roll on the ground and the tummy in the air for attention.  

This Winter has been a cold winter. Both of our cats who have been suffering from a strong case of cabin fever! Riverstone has been jumping up in front of our computers craving for a bit (actually, a lot ) of attention to play.  Even the yarn balls looks like a lot of fun to play with when we Crochet. Of course, Diva Dan takes the time to grab our homemade cat toys and plays with our cats until there are tired. No wonder work never gets done! But it is great therapy!
Teddy the Kitty

Even on the Crochet Crowd we see people posting their projects with their pets photobombing their pictures.  One such picture we posted almost a year ago was so cute that we used it as a major feature to our Spring Fling Pillow.  (Picture shown) Diva Dan and I love to dress our pets too. It is a very human thing to do. It builds a relationship that connects our pets to the things we do everyday and most importantly it helps us treat our pets with a human compassionate edge. However, more and more we hear People crying animal abuse.  I will be honest and this is Diva Dan's opinion as well, This is NOT Animal Abuse. Even though sometimes pictures can't always tell the truth, too cry animal abuse is a step to far when in fact we are loving our pets even more. This article expands and clearly points out what is animal abuse.  Every time we dressed up our cats, they sometimes don't seem amuse, the fun is quickly finished and our cats return to being the lovely attention needy pets they are. If this was animal abuse, we would see a difference in their behaviour.

This week we visited Our most wonderful assistant Cathy and she has two dogs. Of course Diva Dan would love to have Dogs, Chickens and maybe a Goat or Sheep or two.  As much as we like to have every pet possible, we must take the time to research and think about what would be the best option for our addition to the family.

As for Crocheting something for them,  Why not? It brings a smile, it makes them cuter, and it even helps them be part of the family more. A side note, this picture of Diva Dan was taken and posted on Facebook, Too our surprise, as much as I thought that this was a cute picture of Diva Dan, Our Crowd was more gravitated to the wonderful cable Afghan that Cathy did. Here is the Pattern for that Amazing Afghan.
This Month's Challenge One week Left!
 Love is in the air for the Month of January and February.
Debra combined the Shimmery Heart Scarf and the Happy Hearts Afghan together

We are Absolutely Impressed with the collection of photos that are on our Flickr page. The entries for this month's Crochet Challenge is not only colorful but lovely in every which way! 
We decided to look to our hearts for this month's challenge and we discovered this beautiful afghan that fits so well with what we were thinking.
With a number of easy techniques to do in this Afghan, it will expand your ideas, colour thoughts and of course what every hookers can discover with granny squares are new ways to sew your amazing creation that would be perfect for Valentine's Day!

Finished Projects will go to our Flickr Page and 1 Lucky Winner will receive a free bag of Red Heart Yarn Goodies

We are giving you extra time to work on this afghan, the deadline will February 28th, 2014. Now let's 'hook to it!! 
Red Heart's New Reflective Yarn
Whitney's little gunner
Selling of the shelves like lighting spend, this new Reflective Yarn from Red Heart is sure to light up your cameras. With bold colours to flash off your fabulous style during the day, at night you can feel a bit safer knowing that drivers can spot you a bit better. 
A basic 3-ply acrylic yarn with added reflective thread wrap that makes this yarn reflect light, aiding in nighttime visibility.  Reflective component shows up amazingly well  in flash photography.    
This is a great yarn for your dog or even cat if they are outside and being playful. A reflective Sweater can add a little safety. Even Gunner feels safer with his new reflective sweater.

Introducing Red Heart Reflective Yarn
Introducing Red Heart Reflective Yarn

What's all the petting about????
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This Week,  Post a picture of your Pet
Facebook this Week: Pet photobomb

Katie's little Oliver didn't want to be left out in this picture. After all, Mommy spent time working on this scarf and not playing with him, Second thought maybe he thinks it was made for him.
Yep, I think  I like it! Says Tami's little Jojo. The buttons are cute making this little guy, cute as a button with his new jacket!
'So this is what she has been working on?' says Helene's cute kitty! Maybe it's for me to sit on instead of this cold table. Yep, I think that is what it is! 
Creativ Festival Contest has gone Mad, 
        Mad for the Alice 'Hooks in Wonderland Prizes.
"The Mad Hatter: Have I gone Mad?  
Alice: I'm afraid so. You're entirely bonkers. But I'll tell you a secret. All the best people are.Lewis Carroll 
Yes! We have gone bonkers too and that is no secret. We are getting ready for another Creativ Festival show in April 2014, but this time we are asking our Mad Hatter Crowd to create the most creative hat for the festival's contest. 
Over $2500 in Prizes will given to 5 creative crocheters.  
For more information on the guidelines and contest rules and for those that always have questions, you might find your answer on the FAQ
"You would have to be half mad to dream (that) up". "Off with their Heads." or in this case 'Hats' to the most creative and far out hats. 

Fettuccini and Pets?
Have you seen the Fettuccini Yarn by Lion Brand? 

For Eco-Friendly Enthusiast, this is a great Jersey fabric way to make quick projects. A Super Bulky 6 yarn, it would be a quick project yarn. 
Cathy, wearing the arm knitted version of Fettuccini

Scarves using the arm knitting technique would take no time at all AND with a New York Style. We are seeing new ideas popping up everywhere with this yarn.  

We personal think that creating a Kitty basket would be an ideal project with Fettuccinni. Imagine a cat cozy!

Get it well it's HAWT! This was out before and back because of popularity. 

Click for the Patterns for Pet Projects

Pet Ideas on 'That's Pinteresting'
Pinning and being inspired has never been easier!
Please feel free to re-pin anything you see in our boards for your own Pinterest collections
Remember Pinterest is for you to be inspired with lots of ideas and inspiration, and we are here to encourage your creativity. Be sure to follow things that 'Pinterest' you. 
Our Own Crochet Crowders Helping Animals
Waiting for Daddy to Come Home
We at the The Crochet Crowd Cruise had the opportunity to meet Debra and Mark. Both are animals lovers and they promote awareness for the amazingly large breed of dogs called Mastiff. Dedicated too helping out rescues and health of this breed in Northeast Ohio area, Debra and Mark  devotes their time to a worthy cause each Spring for the Mastiff Picnic.  If you Love the Mastiff, check out their Facebook Page, there are some funny photos
When Debra has time out of her extremely busy schedule, so is also a wonderful crocheter who is a fan of The Crochet Crowd. It was a pleasure to meet them both of the Cruise!
Sprinrite Yarn Factory Outlet.
Any Questions please contact us with the link below. 
Videos from Mikey's Library
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Patterns for Inspiring Crochet Gifts

Shady Lane Patterns

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The Crochet Crowd team with Michael Sellick, Daniel Zondervan, Cathy Cunningham and Colleen Barden
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