Wait...what is LoveFest?
You may have heard the hype surrounding LoveFest, but the event - this Saturday, May 20 at 2 pm - is a bit of a mystery to you. Let's offer up some clarity!
Uhh...why is this happening?
We have four excellent reasons to participate in LoveFest:
  1. To take pictures to promote our newly renovated Sanctuary space as a venue for weddings and other events.
  2. An excuse to get dressed up in clothes that have been collecting dust in the back of closets.
  3. Celebrate love in Yarmouth. We'd love to see this become an annual event that grows and includes more and more people from the town and beyond. 
  4. Fun, flowers, cake!
What exactly do we do during LoveFest?
During the first portion, get your picture taken as part of a wedding party or attendee. After, we'll go down to the Gathering Room for sparkling cider, cake (including gluten free!), and BYOChampagne. 
Who can attend?
Everyone! Single or partnered; children, teens, and adults; members, friends, and friends of friends. 
What do I wear?
A wedding dress, tuxedo, bridal party dress or suit, prom swag, or other formal attire. Don't have anything so fancy? No worries - anything clean and a little dressy is fine. Have too many options and don't know how to choose? Bring a few outfits and do a costume change midway through!
How can I help out with LoveFest?
How sweet of you to ask! Here is what you can bring if you would like:
  • Flowers to the Gathering Room by 10 am on Saturday.
  • Clippers to the Gathering Room at 10 am on Saturday to help Anne Turner arrange flowers.
  • Champagne to share during our reception.
Why shouldn't I go to LoveFest?
Don't go to LoveFest if...
  • You wouldn't like seeing Jane Cleaves marry (cardboard) Steven Tyler.
  • You think love is the worst.
  • You had a nudist wedding and refuse to wear clothes to any wedding-like event, including LoveFest.