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LoveLock LoveScape - Community Art Project at Pride Park
TAYLOR MILL, KY - June 10, 2016.  The City of Taylor Mill is excited to announce the creation of a LoveLock LoveScape at Pride Park.  This Community Art Project officially opens today and is located in the very back of the park adjacent to our main walking trail.  Individuals interested in being part of the project are encouraged to place a colorful and uniquely engraved LoveLock of their own choosing on the fence within the LoveScape (Garden) area, pictured below.  After placing your lock on the fence within the LoveScape make a wish and deposit your LoveLock Key in the key depository provided.  This unique Community Art Project is the first of its kind in the region and we look forward to sharing it with the residents of our community and those visiting Pride Park.  
Pride Park is located at 5614 Taylor Mill Road, Taylor Mill, KY.  Selfies at the site with your lock and of your special love locking moment can be shared with us, and may be posted on the City of Taylor Mill Facebook or Twitter Account, by sending them via email to us at
The Project Background
LoveLocks originated in Europe in the early 2000's and may have roots in an ancient part of Chinese culture.  In modern times, people began placing locks on bridges, making a wish for their future and throwing the keys into the river or canal below.  The LoveLock is meant to represent their eternal love for one another, never to be    undone.  Often times the locks are engraved or carved with a romantic saying and/or the initials of the couple.  This custom gained world wide attention in recent years as bridges in Paris and larger cities such as New York began to develop structural weaknesses as a result of the weight of the thousands and thousands of locks placed on them over time.  Most communities responded to this issue by simply cutting off the locks and removing them.  This act in some areas created a  cry of outrage from tourists and residents alike who felt connected to the LoveLocks and thought of it as a community attraction.  Many European LoveLock Bridge locations, such as the Pont des Arts footbridge in central Paris, even offer the locks for sale on site in areas heavily populated with tourists via kiosks.  The removal of the LoveLocks on bridges led some communities to create spontaneous LoveScapes in an effort to appease their citizenry.  These areas are very popular and often the site of selfies on social media, and marriage proposals.  The tradition has spread in the last few years to the United States and LoveScapes are popping up in various places around the country such as Maine, Illinois, New York, Arizona, Utah, California, Florida, Alabama and now in Taylor Mill, Kentucky.  LoveScapes create a garden type of venue for locks to be placed on a fence in lieu of the many bridges that would be negatively impacted under its weight.   
For more information please contact:

Jill Cain Bailey, CAO
City of Taylor Mill
859.581.3234 (Office)

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