Lovejoy High School News
A Message from the Principal
August 10, 2020

Parents and Guardians,

One week and counting…. One week from today school begins for the 2020-2021 school year and I am very excited! I hope you and your student are also excited and ready to begin this year’s journey.
This Thursday I will be sending out an email to parents and students that is intended to give you all the information you need about our first day of school on Monday, August 17th. Some of the information will include how to access schedules, where kids should “go” for their virtual classes, calendars of A/B days, and even some ideas for helping you structure your student’s virtual school day. I hope this will be very helpful for you and your student.
Typically this time of year I hold an orientation for 9th grade parents as well as parents who are new to Lovejoy High School. Since all of us are new to virtual learning at LHS, I wanted to expand this year’s parent meeting to invite all parents. I would also like to invite you to submit questions you have prior to the webinar so I can tailor the meeting to try and address as many of them as possible. Check out the information below for both the Zoom webinar and how to submit your questions. I have also done a short FAQ below to answer a few of the common questions we are receiving at LHS.
Please continue to read through the other items listed below as dates and information may have changed.
Have a great week!

Chris Mayfield
Lovejoy High School

Event Updates
 LHS Parent Webinar
Thursday, August 13th at 6:00 pm
LHS will be holding a Parent Webinar this Thursday, August 13th at 6:00 pm. For parents interested in attending and having their questions answered, please submit your questions in the link below.
For the zoom link to the meeting, please click below.

Technology and Textbook Pick Up/ Medication Drop Off
Friday, August 14th - Saturday, August 15th
We are asking ALL PARENTS to complete the LHS Fall 2020 Tech Survey/Request Form . Deadline to have it submitted is tomorrow, Tuesday, August, 11th.

Any Medication and Action Plan forms should be completed for those dropping off prescription medications.

Senior Portrait Make-up Day

For seniors that have not had their Senior Portraits taken, you will be contacted individually by our Yearbook Adviser with details for setting up an appointment time and logistics for the photo session.
SAT Exams
Saturday, August 29

LHS will be hosting SAT Exams on campus. Testing will begin at 8:00 a.m.
Parking Permits Sold
Tuesday, September 1st - Thursday, September 3rd

Student selection of parking spots will take place the first week of September. The purchase window will be open from 9:00 am – 9:00 pm each day. If students attempt to purchase their parking permit early, the purchase will be voided, and the student will have to wait to purchase it once students are back on campus. The schedule is below:
Tuesday, September 1 - Seniors only
Wednesday, September 2 - Juniors only
Thursday, September 3 - Sophomores and Freshmen

For more details, please click here for parking rules.
Freshmen Founder’s Day / New Student Orientation
Wednesday, September 2nd
Founders Day will take place on September 2nd. We will have a virtual experience for our Leopard Virtual Learning students and will have a face to face event at LHS for our On-Campus Hybrid and On-Campus Hybrid+ students. More information will be coming about this event.
School Holiday
Monday, September 7
Senior Walk
Tuesday, September 8th

Senior Walk will take place this year on the first day students are back on the LHS campus for school (September 8th). For details regarding Senior Walk, please click here.
How will extra-curricular activities work?
Athletics and Fine Arts groups have their own class period. They will meet with their classes during those times just like all other classes. However, currently those groups also have the option to hold their practices before or after school everyday. Before or after school practices and rehearsals will be scheduled by the coaches and directors of those activities and may take place when a student is not scheduled to be on campus for their academic classes.

Why don’t we split kids by grade level instead of alpha?
Splitting students by last name helps in several ways. First, splitting families works against the purpose of social grouping and creates a greater risk of cross infection when siblings are in separate groups at school. Second, splitting of grade levels wouldn’t reduce class sizes since core classes are largely filled by students in the same grade level. For example Biology is taken by 9th graders and English 3 students are almost exclusively Juniors.

What will the Hybrid+ Learning Centers be like?
The Learning Centers will be in designated classrooms at LHS and staffed by LISD employees. Students will be socially distanced just as they will be in a regular classroom. They will use their technology to access the same virtual instruction that other students in their group are accessing. The room will look more like a study hall environment than an instructional one. 

Will Hybrid students receive live instruction on the days they aren’t at school?
When Hybrid students are not at school they will receive instruction that will sometimes be live and other times recorded. This will be depend on the course students are enrolled in as well as the content that is being taught that day. Although it may not be required for the day’s instruction, students should be prepared to join their class each day during its regularly scheduled time.
Campus and District Information
Counselor's Corner

For the latest information from the Counseling Office, please review the LHS Counselor's Newsletter.
School Supply List
Compiling a list of common items needed for Lovejoy High School is a bit difficult considering the diversity of classes. Knowing that many of you may want to shop for school supplies before you receive the complete list from teachers, we invite you to click SUPPLIES to consult a spreadsheet that details what items are needed for each department. Please note that there are 5 tabs, one for each of the core subjects: English, Math, Science, Social Studies, and LOTE.
Summer Reading List and Assignments

All English courses have a list of choice summer reads. Students must select a summer reading book to enjoy during the summer. The book and assignments are listed online. Dual Credit courses do not have a reading assignment. 
VOE (Verification of Enrollment)

Students needing a VOE for their driver's license can email Tanya Barger at
LISD Campuses Normal / Virtual Operational Hours

Starting August 3rd, LHS returned to normal operational hours Monday - Friday from 8:00 am - 5:00 pm. While we continue to work remotely, we will answer and return calls during those hours.

Guidelines for Visitors
  1. All visitors should have an appointment to enter Lovejoy ISD administration buildings and schools.
  2. Visitors should complete the Health Screener Form before proceeding with their appointment.
  3. Visitors must wear a mask in order to enter offices and facilities.
Summer Withdrawals

Parents, if your student will not be returning for the 2020-2021 school year please complete the parent withdrawal form and email it to our counseling office at
Community News

Lovejoy ISD Webpage will share news from our schools, programs, booster clubs, student organizations, Foundation for Lovejoy Schools, community, and more on the Lovejoy ISD Community News Page. Check back often for up-to-date news on events and activities.
Academic Calendars
Academic Calendars for 2020-2021
To access the 2020-2021 Academic Calendar, please click here.