September 27, 2021
Board Meeting - Board Brief
Dear Lovejoy Community:

The district’s communication plan includes updates regarding Board Meetings. Following each meeting of the Board of Trustees, we share a recap of the evening’s events.

For those interested in an outline of the Board Meeting, you may find the full agenda here.

Following is the September 27, 2021 Board Brief:

The Board meeting was called to order at 5:30 PM with the Board retiring into Executive Session at 5:30 PM. Executive Session is a time where limited items such as personnel matters may be discussed. The Board remained in Executive Session until 6:58 PM, at which time they recessed. The Board reconvened in Open Session at 7:03 PM.
The pledges were led by Hart Elementary School 4th grader, Avery Pickard
The Board of Trustees and the Superintendent of Schools comprise the Team of Eight. The following members of the Team of Eight were present at the meeting.

Barrett Owens, President
Amy Smith, Vice-President
Chad Collins, Trustee
Jeff Wood, Trustee
Marvin Bobo, Trustee
Jason Jaynes, Trustee, was absent
Katie Kordel, Superintendent of Schools

Anne Smith, Board Secretary, was absent.

Chris Mayfield, Principal of Lovejoy High School, recognized Lindsey Hughes as the 2021 All-State Journalism Staff by the University Interscholastic League and the Interscholastic League Press Conference.
Chris Mayfield, Principal of Lovejoy High School, recognized the Lovejoy High School Students selected in the National Merit Scholarship and Recognition Programs.

National Merit Semi-Finalists
Kendall Carll
Austin Chapman
Jenna Garcia
Justin Larimer
Wayne Pan
Thomas Pottinger
Sanjeev Rajakumar
Sydney Thompson
Kevin Xu
Holly Xue

National Merit Commended Scholars
Kai Campbell
Sydney Chapman
Caleb Coulson
Jordan Day
Kurtis Fails
Savannah Fanous
Ella Hersley
Keira Ho
Lindsey Hughes
Marissa Liebl
Amber Liu
Geneva Miller
Regan Novotny
Chisom Okorafor
Sebastian Ramirez
Madisyn Stutler
Chayse Taylor
Dinah Thadikonda
Jax Thompson
Alexander Urquhart
Eric Wang
Jonathan Zanzuri
Mr. Mayfield also recognized the students named as honorees in the National Recognition Programs as follows:

National African American Recognition Program
Kai Campbell
Simi Fadel
Alyssa Lane
Geneva Miller
Katharine Nuckels
Michelle Nwadilobi
Chisom Okorafor

National Hispanic Recognition Program
Natalia Duran De La Vega
Jenna Garcia
Marco Jelvez
Marissa Liebl
Katharine Nuckels
Elena Paharik
Sebastian Ramirez
Annalysa Ritchie
Savannah Starr
Alexandria Willard

National Indigenous Recognition Program
Savannah Starr
Luke Thomas
Dr. Laurie Tinsley, Assistant Superintendent of Student Services recognized the first responders who assisted with the homecoming dance:

Deputy Franklin Wilson, Collin County Sheriff’s Office
Deputy Matthew Polk, Collin County Sheriff’s Office
Sgt. Mark Zegadlo, Collin County Sheriff’s Office
Lt. Mick Fichtl, Collin County Sheriff’s Office
Lt. Robert Langwell, Collin County Sheriff’s Office
Captain Andrew Hatch, Collin County Sheriff’s Office
Asst. Chief Mitch Selman, Collin County Sheriff’s Office
Sheriff Jim Skinner, Collin County Sheriff’s Office
Officer Shaun Tomlinson, Fairview Police Department
DPS Trooper Cameron Hicks, Texas Department of Public Safety
School Marshal Chris Smith, Lovejoy ISD
The Board welcomed our New Hires who were introduced as follows:

  • Sancy Fuller, Executive Director of Special Education and Academic Support, introduced Shridhevi Veerappan, Board Certified Analyst.
  • Holly Haynes, Principal of Puster Elementary School, introduced 4th grade teacher Crystal Lusk. 
  • Ray Winkler, Principal of Sloan Creek Intermediate School, introduced STEM teacher, Penelope Heth.
Each Board meeting has a time for Public Comments related to agenda items. There were three public comments related to agenda items:

  • Valerie Turnbow, safety, security, and communications
  • Tamara Sakuda, supplemental pay for teachers
  • Homa Lewis, step increase for teachers

Board Trustee Chad Collins led the invocation.

The following items were on the Consent Agenda:

Board Member Jeff Wood recommended pulling the Consent Agenda item relating to the Student Health Advisory Committee for discussion at the October 18, 2021 Board Workshop meeting. Board Vice-President Amy Smith made a motion to approve the Consent Agenda items, with the Student Health Advisory Committee being pulled, which was approved by the Board.

Katie Kordel, Superintendent of Schools, presented the notification of resignations which may be found here.

Dr. Laurie Tinsley, Assistant Superintendent of Student Services and Casey Littlefield, Lead Security Marshal presented an update on Safety and Security which may be found here. The update included an overview of the Standard Response Protocols and School Marshal responsibilities.
Katie Kordel, Superintendent of Schools, presented a Report on and Consideration of Approval of Supplemental Pay for Returning Teachers, Nurses, and Librarians for Loss of Unbudgeted Step Increase and included a review of the 2021-2022 Teacher, Nurse, and Librarian pay scale. The Board of Trustees approved the supplemental pay of the unbudgeted step increase.

Mrs. Kordel shared future initiatives to address communications and budgeting:

  • The formation of a Teacher and Superintendent Connection Council.
  • The formation of a Financial Sustainability Committee to include compensation.
  • Proactive conversations with staff regarding TRS, insurance and compensation.
  • Reorganization of open position to create Executive Director of Human Resources and Communications. A priority for this position will be internal and external communications.

Dr. Laurie Tinsley, Assistant Superintendent of Student Services, presented a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for Third Party Testing for Commercial Drivers Licenses which was approved by the Board. The MOU may be found here.

Katie Kordel, Superintendent of Schools, presented the 2021-2022 Board Governance Norms, Protocols and Operating Procedures which was approved by the Board. You may click here to access this document.

Katie Kordel, Superintendent of Schools, presented the Annual Board Calendar which may be found here and was approved by the Board.

The Cabinet Reports were presented by:

  • Dr. Laurie Tinsley, Assistant Superintendent of Student Services
  • Sancy Fuller, Executive Director of Special Education and Academic Support
  • Dennis Muizers, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction
  • Dr. Jennifer DuPlessis, Assistant Superintendent of Finance and Operations

The full report may be found here.

Katie Kordel, Superintendent of Schools, presented the Superintendent’s Report:

  • Mrs. Kordel, Dr. Tinsley and Dr. DuPlessis attended the TASBO Budget Cohort which focused on strong district financial leadership and was an opportunity to network and idea share with other leaders.
  • On Saturday Mrs. Kordel and Dr. Tinsley attended a session facilitated by the Texas School Safety Center.
  • There has been a focus on community and connection with Mrs. Kordel interacting with staff on all campuses as well as PTO Boards. Mrs. Kordel thanked the PTO Boards for working tirelessing on behalf of students and staff. Additionally, Mrs. Kordel is hosting monthly meetings with the PTO Presidents and their guests.
  • Saturday’s performance of The Lost Boy by Lovejoy High School Theatre Arts was amazing.
  • Mrs. Kordel recognized Trustee Marvin Bobo who shared the Lovejoy High School Band placed 4th out of 17 in the Golden Triangle competition.
  • Mrs. Kordel shared that the district is grateful for the opportunities our students are having.

Each Board Meeting has a time for Public Comments related to Non-Agenda Items. There were two public comments related to Non-Agenda Items:

  • Amanda Blankenship, with thanks to the Board for continuing the face mask optional policy
  • Priscilla Bardwell, with continued support for the face mask optional policy

Additionally, there was one comment related to an Agenda item:

  • Aubrey Stock, teacher pay and the budget process

Barrett Owens, Board President, made the following announcements:

  • Thank you to Chris Smith, Chris Mayfield, and Austin Coachman for their safety and security efforts. Mr. Owens is grateful for their work and thank them for serving humbly.
  • Thank you to the community for kinds words, as words matter.
  • Thank you to Principals, Leaders and Directors. Mr. Owens is thankful for their service as this is a challenging time to lead and thanked them for being proactive in a time when people are reactive.

With there being no further announcements, the meeting was adjourned at 9:23 PM.

The full Board Book may be found here.
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