Volume 1                                                                       April 9, 2018                                                                         Issue 3
Welcome Sean, new COO

Loveland Center is pleased to announce--

Sean McLaughlin as its new chief operating officer. In his new role, McLaughlin will lead the agency's execution of  programmatic and service-centered strategies, oversee the day-to- day operations of programs and services, and assist the CEO in advancing the new direction of Loveland Center.

"Sean's versatile industry experience is a welcome addition to Loveland, and I am looking forward to his  drive and spirit  in our efforts  for the future,"  said Patrick  Guerin III,  president  and  CEO.

LIGHT IT UP BLUE, the call-to-action slogan for April as Autism Awareness Month, elicits a convergence of two norms: one of awareness and another of advocacy. Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is in the mainstream and has a better acceptance of its existence; it is visible in popular media and entertainment, and it shares support among community agencies. However, what we as friends, family members or professionals in the area of developmental disabilities need to focus attention on is the  understanding of those children and families who because of ASD often find themselves without sufficient supports-long after April comes and goes.

Let's ask ourselves how accepting we are of those individuals with autism throughout the year? What opportunities do they have in your community, place of worship, or place of employment? How do your children know how to play with a child with ASD? How can you find a way to connect and support an individual with ASD and his/her family? If we can provide every person, child and adult with ASD, the opportunities that we also share, then, perhaps, lighting it up blue can live within us each day of the year.

"I'm not a quitter. I'm a go-getter!"Janine M. 
Janine came to Loveland's  Employ Abilities  pro gram in June 2017 after layoffs at Walgreens affected her and all other workers in customized positions. Loveland's team of Job Developers and Employment Specialists immediately went to work to assist Janine in finding a suitable replacement based on her skills and interests, which included an amazing attention to details and a penchant for crafts, knitting, and crochet. 

By October 2017, and after just one interview, Janine was hired by JoAnn Fabrics as a Recovery Associate. Today, Janine is thriving in her role, which requires such tasks as unpacking, sorting, and stocking thread and ribbon. It is said that Janine has an uncanny ability to identify the slight differences between similar thread colors and thicknesses, one of the many traits that makes Janine a great fit in her current position.

Congratulations, Janine, on a job well done and continued employment success!

Please join us in this "Welcome to Spring" event. The participants of the Loveland Chorus help make our community a better place by sharing their love of music. 
Tuesday, April 24 at 1 p.m.
Lamoureux Clubhouse
179 South Havana Road
If you would like to invite the Loveland Chorus to sing at your venue, please call (941) 493-0016 ext. 312

May 1 - May 2 from noon to noon, you have the opportunity to support Loveland Center and each of its participants. Through The Community Foundation of Sarasota County with the support of The Patterson Foundation, every dollar up to $100 will be matched for this 24-hour fundraiser! Help us create "Equality Through Opportunity" with your donation.

23rd Annual Loveland Players at the Venice Theatre presents "Unplugged: The Best Day of Your Life".
Thursday, May 31 at 7 p.m.
Friday, June 1 at 7 p.m.
Saturday, June 2 at 7 p.m.
Sunday, June 3 at 2 p.m.
The L.I.O.N. Initiative 

L.I.O.N. stands for Loveland In Our Neighborhood and is comprised of a dedicated corps of volunteers from Loveland Center that are giving back to the community in countless ways. T his program focuses on community integration. The L.I.O.N. Initiative partners with community organizations throughout Sarasota County and supports individuals in volunteer positions. 

By volunteering, participants build confidence, strengthen social skills, and connect to the community in which they live. The L.I.O.N. team is out cleaning and beautifying Downtown Venice with Venice Area Beautification, Inc., brushing saddles and horses and cleaning stalls at InStride, packing and delivering food to the South County Food Pantry, and organizing the stock room and display floor for The Twig before shopping day to help children in foster care. By this added visibility, this initiative helps individuals break down barriers and advocate for equality.   

In only five weeks, they have 
totaled  80 volunteer hours!


Starting at noon on May 1 through noon on May 2, every dollar up to $100 will be matched by The Patterson Foundation. 



Under the guidance of Linda Walker, academics instructor, our  participants started making cards for the  Red   Cross   Holidays For Heroes  Program.  

Using everyone's individual creative spirit, they were able to bring cheer and happiness to  current military, veterans, and  their families by sharing  something 
from the heart.

By partnering with 
our local chapter of 
the Sarasota County 
Red   Cross, Loveland  
participants  have 
made cards  for 
major holidays a year since September 2016 for a total of ............ 719 cards!

Thank you to all those who participated -- a job well done!


Embracing the motto of "being  a part of our community not apart from our it," a number of instructors are helping individuals get to know their communities and applying what is being learned in real-world situations. 

The gardening class wanted to make improvements across Loveland and went to our local Lowes to purchase everything from mulch to flowers.
Once back at Loveland, the team got to work and have taken enormous pride in their beautification efforts! 

Thank you everyone who got their hands dirty to make Loveland beautiful!