Volume 1 . Issue 6                                        JULY 2018  

Loveland Center will be closed Wednesday, July 4th, Thursday, July 5th, and Friday, July 6th. 
We will reopen Monday, July 9th. 

We would like to wish 
everyone  a happy and safe 
Fourth of July holiday!

As we all get ready to celebrate the Four th of July holiday, participants in  Sara's class made their own fantastic  firework displays!
After discussing all 
the different types of colors that go into f ireworks, individuals worked on  their  hand-eye coordination and strengthened 
a number of fine-motor skills, while  also working on their listening skills.

This month in Job Club, participants learned a variety of skills to help them in the job search process. Participants learned how to discover and communicate their strengths to employers such as enthusiasm, flexibility, and perseverance and how to talk about those qualities in a job interview. The group also role played scenarios using these strengths in the workplace. 

Participants then learned how to fill out paper applications. Everyone discussed their experiences of filling out job applications and shared any challenges they had. They analyzed the different parts of a job application, including personal information, schedule availability, work history, and references. 

Job club is a bi-weekly program that teaches  practical skills to increase career-readiness, professionalism, and confidence in finding and maintaining a job and is open to all who have a job or seeking one!

Wednesday, December 5, 2018 from 6-9 p.m.
Venice Community Center


Loveland Center is happy to report that thanks to the incredible fundraising efforts of its Aktion Club participants, they raised $2,000 and purchased a total of 128 pairs of shoes to support the Twig Kids, children in foster care served by our partner, The Twig. A special thank you goes out to Rack Room Shoes for a wonderful shoe shopping experience!
We are so proud of everyone in Aktion Club and their accomplishments. 

Sharon did something inspirat ional that had a real impact: she helped save a life. 

When her friend needed medical help, Sharon acted quickly and dialed 9-1-1. Sharon's quick thinking and calm under pressure during a crisis averted a real tragedy.

Sharon exemplifies "equality through opportunity" in a variety of ways: she has worked at Goodwill for nearly 5 years, has had lead roles in a number of Follies productions at the Venice Theatre, is a proud member of Aktion Club, and an athlete in Special Olympics.
All of us at Loveland would like to thank Sharon for being a role model!

This new monthly series features Barb, a Loveland participant, as she explores the journalism field and interviews different staff and community members about Loveland Center. 

This first month features an interview with Loveland Center's new 
President and CEO, Patrick Guerin III.

Barb: Why did you accept Loveland as your next job assignment?
Patrick: Loveland had the family feeling.
Barb: How did you hear about Loveland Center?
Patrick: My family wanted to move to Florida.
Barb: Why did you want to move to Florida?
Patrick: Great weather!
Barb: Now that you have the job, do you like working here?
Patrick: Yes I do!
Barb: What are your plans for Loveland in the future?
Patrick: To help others in and around Southwest Florida.
Barb: What are your funding sources for the upcoming year?
Patrick: Our funding comes from a lot of places: VR (Vocational Rehabilitation), GR (General Revenue), grants, CDC Plus, and of course, donations!

Loveland's recreational program for residents at the Nancy Detert Residences is in full swing for the summer. Rick Rabalais' recreation program is happy to report an increase in the number of weekly activities, as well as average participation rates. 
Some of the many activities over the last month have included a trip to watch the Tampa Bay Rays baseball game, several movies at the local theatre, and a few in-house movie nights on the big screen in our Clubhouse. 

The three most popular events include the outdoor movie in Sarasota, shopping at the mall, and venturing Sharky's Pier. Weekly Zumba and Bingo always draw a good number of attendees. 

A Fourth of July potluck celebration will be held at the Clubhouse  for residents. The event is from 12:30-4:30 p.m. and attendees must sign up in advance and
 bring a dish to share.

NOTE: There is a monthly meeting where residents can brainstorm new activities and make suggestions. Next meeting is Monday, July 30th at 4 p.m.
For any questions, click to contact RICK RABALAIS.