Volume 1 . Issue 8                                        SEPTEMBER 2018  

The Supported Employment Program welcomes 
Jillian Guay and Lora Carter!  

Jill has been with Loveland for 3 years and brings a wealth of experience to her new role. Lora's background is in education, specifically Exceptional Student Education (ESE) programs.

Loveland's Supported Employment program is focused
on job development opportunities in  Charlotte, Sarasota and parts of Manatee Counties, while  also building relationships with the participants and businesses in those communities. 

As  a Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) vendor and a provider via The Agency of Persons with Disabilities' MedWaiver Program, the aim is to motivate participants and help them realize their employment goals and dreams. The service also accepts  private paying individuals.

Sarasota Magazine recently named Gena Luoma as a finalist for Sarasota Magazine's Volunteer of the Year! 

Not only was Gena named Volunteer of the Year at Loveland for accumulating the most volunteer hours in a year, but she also took the initiative to launch several specific projects to broaden the artistic palettes of those we serve in our Creative Arts Studio. The biggest crowd drawn was for her impressionist painting class where each participant painted a canvas of their interpretation of impressionist art.

Gena, like so many of the other dedicated volunteers at Loveland, is an integral to our daily success. Since volunteers donate their time to impact the organization, we thank you!

On August 27th, the Charlotte Stone Crabs celebrated their first intellectual and developmental disabilities awareness night and invited Loveland Center to join the starting lineup for the Stone Crabs on the field. 

It was an inspirational night for America's favorite pastime to highlight a night of inclusion and acceptance for all people, regardless of their abilities. Despite the weather, a few hundred baseball fans gathered to celebrate.

Jared Forma, General Manager for the 
Charlotte Stone Crabs, said, 

"We are so fortunate to partner with Loveland Center, whether it's to raise awareness or provide everyone with a different type of night out. We hope to turn this into an annual thing and continue to build on it."

This monthly series features Barb, a Loveland participant, as she explores the journalism field and interviews different staff and community members about Loveland Center.   This month features an interview with Loveland Center's ADT Program Manager, Becky Forest.

Barb: Becky, why did you take the job here at Loveland?
Becky: Loveland reminds me of the center I worked at up north in Massachusetts. 
Barb: How long have you worked at Loveland Center?
Becky: 2 and half years.
Barb: How long have you been working with adults with disabilities?
Becky: Over 10 years.
Barb: What do you do for us here at Loveland?
Becky: I work to make sure everyone is happy and learning. I keep the day program open and running; I write reports and do payroll and make sure that everyone stays safe.
Barb: What are you going to do to make the world a better place?
Becky: I will work to make everyone happy and successful one person at a time.

Wednesday, December 5, 2018 from 6-9 p.m.
Venice Community Center
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