Quarter 3 / 2019

Make Your Quality Stand Out

ISO 9001 Client Nominated For Chamber Award

Absolutely delighted to discover that my local 9001 client Corrosion Resistant Materials have been short listed for the category 'Business Growth' for the upcoming event on October 18th. I can assure you that their rate of growth has been awesome having helped them monitor typical metrics that included deliveries as part of the 9001 QMS I installed for them se veral years ago.

They operate as a  technical  materials  supplier  converting all sizes of nickel alloys, stainless steel, duplex, carbon and titanium materials into a variety of finished shapes. Just click their logo above to visit their website.
How and Where To Address Risk

We all know that Preventive Action was replaced by Risk Based Management when ISO 9001
updated some four years ago. However, are you clear on the three levels that need to be assessed?

The top management need to look at the big picture and there is no better way than by means of a SWOT analysis.   Strengths  and  Weakness  in the business and Opportunities and Threats outside the business. Sorted.

As for the QMS, it's a simple risk assessment 
model on a spreadsheet to score all aspects 
of the processes. 

So, we start at Enquiries and go right the way through to Despatch and on-site activities if relevant. The QMS then follows with general aspects such as IT features and Site Services. We simply look at:
  • Frequency - of the process taking place
  • Likelihood - of the process falling over despite current controls
  • Severity - the outcome to the business
It is so simple once you have set it up and you just rescore it as things change. Fair to say that my clients were often dreading tackling risk, but once they see how straight forward this model is then they are on board.

Finally, and I accept this is more within aerospace and other more demanding standards but still a good control to have in place, you have risk at the order level itself. Are you taking on sizes, materials, specifications or requirements on a drawing that you haven't done before. If so what are the mitigating actions you will introduce - unless of course you just leave it to run and hope nothing goes bang!

I often refer to a 'rule of three' and, as you can see, risk is no different.

Corbett's The Galvanisers Celebrate ISO Success

Delighted to have worked with FD Sophie Williams and her team down near Telford and to be present on Monday when they were successful in their stage 2 audit and recommended for certification. They had identified the potential for further business that was subject to them gaining 9001 so can now move forward with their plans.

At the end of the day a delighted Sophie said:
"This is a brilliant result for Corbetts. It now opens up a significant door of opportunity and will move the company up to the next level. We really appreciated how Peter guided us through the whole process, we couldn't have done it without him."

Click the picture above to visit their web site.
Does You And Your Business Need A Reboot?

With that motivational quote at the top in mind, I am delighted to announce that I am organising a Business Reboot Masterclass in November to address exactly that and more.

The date is the morning of Tuesday November 12th and I am holding it with colleagues Donna Branagan and Michael Deehan in the B&R Chamber Board Room at Unit 6, Genesis Business Park, Rotherham Road, Templeborough, Rotherham.

It is for companies 2 - 3 years down the road and run by just 1 - 2 people who have perhaps lost their way. You know, after the startup support:
  • the results aren't quite what you were expecting 
  • you might find ourself working long hours to recover things
  • you neglect the back office work so lose control to boot.
Just click the picture to see the promotional literature that has all the details as to why you might be interested in attending. 

NOTE - We are only taking EIGHT delegates and the information at the very bottom of the flyer about reserving a place is hyperlinked to Eventbrite so just click through. Simple.

Aerospace Machinist With Capacity in Sheffield

Just giving a heads up to another client, Norjen Precision Ltd. 

They have been AS9100 certified for several years with SGS now and offer manual and CNC machining and supporting processes. Fair to say that they specialise in processing forgings. 

Click their flyer to visit their site if you are looking for another machining option.

Whilst aerospace sites are not the norm around these parts, I am always available to assist should you know of anyone looking to install AS9100. Email me here.
"Just to let you know that I really enjoyed reading your latest mail shot and love the effort and detail you put into them. They have a really nice friendly feel about them", OW

"This is really nice", CR

So, till next time, make your quality stand out!

Pete Thornton-Smith B.Met, C.Eng, CQP, IOM3