March 16, 2020
Five Ways to Stand With Immigrant Communities
During COVID-19
Dear RIM Partners,

In these days of public health uncertainties as we seek to care for one another and ourselves, how can we also keep following God’s call to “treat the foreigner living among you as native-born and love them as yourself, for you were foreigners in the land of Egypt” ? (Lev. 19:34)

Containing and minimizing risks from COVID-19 will continue to require our whole community efforts. Here are some ways to share God’s love in this unprecedented time to support our immigrant neighbors, and likewise help promote health and security for us all:

5 Ways to Rise and Stand Together!

1. Show your commitment to whole community health. C onsider supporting this petition from partners at United We Dream, and stand with communities to reduce the spread of contagion among our neighbors. To demonstrate your commitment, seek ways to express your support in coming weeks personally-- but at healthy distances whenever possible. 
2. Lift up health challenges faced by migrants and detained immigrants . . Support immigrant and other low-income children and families who may face food insecurity, employment, and childcare hardships due to school closures and reductions in federal nutrition support programs. Bring attention to health challenges faced by detained immigrants who continually face unsanitary conditions and inadequate infection controls. Speak out to your legislators for migrant health protections . Urge access to testing and vigorous infection controls be applied during the epidemic with equity across populations. Consider signing on here to push for health protections of detained immigrants due to health risks in close confinement.

3. Speak about positive health contributions of immigrants in your community. Help stop the spread of unhelpful and xenophobic narratives that target immigrant communities and misrepresent the current health crisis as “a foreign virus.” Especially now, share publicly, and in our congregations, the ways immigrant neighbors often serve in roles that contribute to the health and well being of all of us.

4. Pass forward valuable information. Continue to share trustworthy and language-accessible health information within local immigrant communities in our network related to COVID-19. Support families as they plan appropriate containment be haviors in their homes, communities, and congregations. See these resources: CDC Guidance for Faith Organizations , CDC resources on travel (Spanish and English), Cartoon Explanation in Spanish with Details for Service Workers - from Organized Communities Against Deportations (OCAD), Hesperian's Guide to the virus in Spanish , Comprehensive set of resources on the virus, including videos and flyers - Spanish, traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese, and Vietnamese, with more in the works , FAQ sheets - Spanish, English, Portuguese
5. Offer your “digital support” to stand with immigrant families Consider “visiting” an immigrant community’s livestream worship service. And this week: Join with national "Home Is Here" partners for a Mar. 16-20 National Digital DACA Week of Action , and with an interfaith “Blessing Our Home” DACA Vigil Wed., Mar. 18, 12pm ET(Livestream at: Sign this faith petition for permanent DACA protection, and use these Lenten, DACA themed devotions
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