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A Few Scattered Seeds...                                  June 7 , 2018
Loving Our Neighbor

Yesterday evening Drew, my better half, and I were discussing the Reclaiming Jesus movement that our Presiding Bishop, Michael Curry, is helping to lead. In this movement Bishop Curry and other Christian leaders make six affirmation and renunciations proclaiming what they stand for and what they have identified as counter to the Jesus movement in our country. Here, they make a call to all Christians to reclaim Jesus as we speak and act in faith and conscience within our communities, states, and nation. As we discussed how we might come to reclaim Jesus in a world that often seems so divided and filled with disessension Drew made the comment that as he tries to address the pain in our world he works to make his contribution by reaching out to loving just one neighbor (and then another, and then another). I thought this was brilliant! And, not too overwhelming of a commitment. To share the love of Jesus with just one neighbor at a time.

In reflecting on this comment I have thought about how we might do this, or how we might already be doing this. Last Sunday Tom Content presented the   30x30 Nature Challenge  during our Creation Sunday celebration, encouraging us to get outside for 30 minutes every day during the 30 days of June.  Getting outside allows us to make space to connect with others, meet our neighbors, and have real time conversations apart from technology. In going on walks with our dogs we have been able to introduce ourselves to a new neighbor, say hi, and share a story and hopefully some love. Festival Season is upon us which brings new and varied communities together for the enjoyment of shared interests. Finding connection with individuals from diverse backgrounds always makes room for the Spirit. This weekend Drew and I will be hitting up Pridefest (to hand out Harley Davidson bandanas - Drew's employer) and share in the joy that love wins. Cami Santa-Cruz is loving her neighbor as she travels to Haiti next week, and we will show her our love in honoring her and the Haiti Project this Sunday at church. However you love your neighbor, it is simply about showing up, being present, and sharing the love.

In closing, here are some wise words from Batman: 
Peace, love, and blessings,
Mthr. Kate
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Theology by the PintTONIGHT from 5:30 - 6:30pm at Estabrook Beer Garden
St. Irenaeus, a theologian and bishop of the 4th century said, "The glory of God is a human being fully alive."  How does a human being become fully alive and how is that related to God?  Come for the discussion or the beer (or other non-alcoholic drinks).  *In the vast sea of tables, we'll be somewhere near the river.  If you are able, feel free to bring along a lawn chair or two in case seating is limited.
In Our Prayers

Long term:  James, Karen Hantula,Quinn Kerwin,Court, Paul, Paulette, Mary, Rich, Avery, Carolyn Jewett, Jeff, Barb Lawler, Andrea, Jayne, Elijah, Leslie, Thane, Susan, Franne Dickinson, Mark McLaughlin, Kate, Donna, Jack Streed,  Joan Streed, John, Arlene, Charty Bassett, Heidi, Barbara K., Patti, PJ Lawler, George Stolarczyk, Laura Tatum, Phyllis Babb, Elizabeth Casey, Gail Cheesman, Jessica Dean, Anne, Bob Figg, Carolie Goniu, Chris Goodale, Nanette Gransé, Dan Heidenreich, Michael Jent, Eric, Dustin, Taj, Earl, Emma Low, Larry, Drew, Lynn, Ann, Jack, Marge, Roger.
Especially this week:  Richard House, Bruce Dunn, Charlie Drake, Jim Hughes.

Birthdays: Randy Dean, Bruce Dunn, Earl Lillydahl, Tim Wayman, Rochelle Van Caster, Ben Ferguson, Colin House, Annabelle Lazovik, Sandra Dawson, Katie Hermann, Warren Plummer, Bevin Bailis.

Anniversaries:  Sara and David Frieder; Clare and Steve Bergquist .

Home-bound: Joanne, Edith.
Parents Expecting: Hannah and Andy.

Serving in the Armed Forces: Anthony, Bill, Billy, Davin, Jack, Jeffrey, Mark, Matthew, Nick, Scott, Tom, Will.

Sunday's altar flowers are offered to the glory of God and in celebration of Sarah and Michael Finke's first year of marriage from Ted and Beth Durant.
 Serving this Sunday
8:00 a.m. Service: Acolyte/Reader  - John Haydon .
Ushers  - Randy Dean, Tom Watson.
9:30 a.m. Service:   Vestry Greeters - Steve Bruemmer.
Lesson Reader  - Andy Stillman.  Prayer Reader - Lyn Slater. 
Eucharistic Ministers  (3) - Ben Rikkers, Mike McCabe, Betsy Head.
Ushers  - Mike McCabe, Gary Laev.

Newcomer Hosts - Kathy Stanford, Sarah Gottlieb.
Refreshments: Sam Harshner.
5:30 Evening Prayer  week of 6/10 (W/TH): Denton Jones, Randy Dean.
This Sunday
Thank you for music by  Tom Herbstreith, Cami Santa-Cruz, and Karol Rehm.

Food Pantry Sunday - Every second Sunday of the month, nonperishable food items that have been put into the red wagon in the Great Hall will be wheeled up to the altar during the 9:30 a.m. service.

Nursery Care at the 9:30 Summer Service The summer service is definitely kid-friendly, but the indoor nursery is also available for children.  Paid nursery workers supervise children in the nursery which is located through the main church doors and down the stairs to the left.  
Summer Refreshments: Join fellow parishioners after the 9:30 a.m. service on the lawn on the corner of Lake Drive and Beaumont for fellowship & light refreshments provided by Vestry members.

Haiti Project update!  W
e will be getting ready to send Cami Santa-Cruz off on her trip to Haiti on June 14th, and therefore are looking for some items to be donated.
  - deflated soccer balls in bright colors which are easier to spot in Jeanette's terrain. During  
   the  June trip, the participants will run a day-long sports clinic.
  - hand pumps  in order to inflate the balls after getting to Haiti. 
  - the trip will also host an art clinic one day at St. Marc's school and would welcome paint
   donations.  Follow the links below if you'd like to order some to send to Haiti.
All donations can be dropped off in the garden vestibule by THIS SUNDAY.  Thank you!
Look for donation links as well in our Weekly Broadcast. If you have any questions, please contact Melissa Santa-Cruz at 920-266-3737 or
Upcoming Parish Events
Young Adult Beer Gardening
Friday, June 8th 6:00 - 7:00 p.m. at Kletzsch Park.
Come join the Christ Church young adults and Mthr. Kate for a beer at Milwaukee's famous traveling beer garden
A great family volunteer opportunity - 
The next Saint Vincent de Paul meal will be on 
Friday, June 8th from 5 - 6:30 p.m. in the basement of All Peoples Church.  See the link below to sign up for dropping off food at Christ Church earlier in the week and/or serving the meal at All Peoples on Friday. Contact Lynne Schley with any questions at  Thank you for your support in this very important ministry!  
Father's Day Bike Ride to Church & Bicycle Blessing
All are welcome! June 17, 2018
In honor of Father's Day everyone is invited to ride your bike to church for the 9:30 a.m.Eucharist, and have your bike blessed.
*This event is sponsored by the Wellness Team!

WFB Fourth of July Parade
Christ Church root beer float tent!!   
Volunteers needed for : transporting the root beer barrels to and from church (truck or trailer needed), setting up/taking down the large tent, scooping ice cream, pouring root beer, handing out 2500 FREE root beer floats, and being ambassadors for our CC hospitality.  

We especially need strong folks on the 3rd to set up the tent and after 3:00 p.m. on the 4th to take down the tent graciously donated by Betsy Head. Contact Chris Binder at . All are welcome ... and it's FUN!!!!

2013 floats
Young Journalist Building Project Update
Construction continues in the courtyard this week as workers carry on building the new additions to the church, including an elevator and more communal space. The elevator shaft and foundations and flooring for the first floor are being built now. The foundations of a floor are being laid around the elevator, and the poles for framing are being put into place. A new room for storage has also been constructed downstairs near the preschool classrooms in the basement. The rest of the outside space is mostly gravel with some construction tools and trucks, including an excavator that was used to dig out the ground. In the coming week, work will be done to start structuring the second floor of the addition.

Changes are also being made inside the church. The stage and curtains have been removed from the Great Hall in preparation for the new renovations. Things are also changing upstairs as the choir prepares to move into the room right next to the current choir room.

Due to the construction, Sunday services this summer have been moved inside. Even though I'm missing the summer services right now, I'm looking forward to the new additions to the church, and a bigger, more accessible space for our wonderful, ever-growing choir!

So far, the project is on track and set to be done by mid-October. Nick Deming, an engineer at J.H. Findorff & Son, says that construction is going well and "there have been no major issues."


Vivienne Content is finishing up 6th grade at Bayside Middle School. She's been coming to Christ Church for about four years now and enjoys singing in the choir as well as serving as an altar acolyte.

Stay tuned for "Young Journalist" updates to be featured here in the following weeks.
If your child of any age would like to be a Young Journalist for the Building Project, please contact  
To view the schedule, click HERE.

Bobcat news alert!  Sorry for the confusion.  The Bobcat referenced in the Messenger as being in the construction pit was a machine, not a wild animal.  A Bobcat machine is a skid steer and is welcome in the hole.  A wild animal bobcat is not!  Rest easy, everyone.

Green Team 
Step outside and marvel what nature has to offer   
Following up on last week's Creation  Sunday, the Green Team is inviting you to get outside every day this month and soak up the wonder of creation. The 30 x 30 Nature Challenge was created to help boost appreciation for nature and inspire a desire to conserve and preserve what we cherish in the great outdoors. We are invite parishioners to join the challenge, which is hosted by the U.S. Green Building Council along with other businesses and community groups in the Milwaukee area.

It's simple: Just spend 30 minutes a day for 30 days outdoors. (Time spent commuting and staring at one's phone don't count.)   There is no cost to participate other than your commitment to spend your time in nature. First, opt into the Nature Challenge by selecting you are "Going" to this Facebook event. Next, simply "Like" and "Follow" our   USGBC Community 30x30 Nature Challenge Facebook Group Page, and be sure to check it each morning in June for a daily inspiration. 

Of course, you can choose how you will spend your time in nature each day. It can be alone as an individual or with family or friends. Or you can choose to find pre-planned nature events in your area that will get you outdoors. Enjoy!

Tom Content, Green Team Member

Food Pantry Sunday  -  Nonperishable food items that have been put into the red wagon located in the Great Hall will be wheeled up to the altar THIS SUNDAY during the 9:30 a.m. service.
All Peoples Church Updates
  • Christ Church can help by donating healthy, kid friendly food in our red wagon found in the garden vestibule for All People Church pantry. The donations will be taken to APC whenever it is filled!
  • The Kids Working To Succeed (KWTS) program will begin June 4 at APC.  CC supports this ministry by providing lunches for 30-50 children several times during the summer.  We pack and deliver brown bags full of good food.
  • The summer gardens at APC are beginning to sprout. This provides volunteer opportunities for individuals, groups and families to help on a regular basis or just once in a while.  Contact Susan their Garden Educator at
  • CC will be collecting school supplies throughout the summer to fill the backpacks of the kids at APC who start school on August 6th. The APC block party is August 4 where the donations will be given out.  
  For questions or helping with the APC ministry please contact
Lynne Schley

Fundraising Event for Haitian Education on June 24th

Take part in the first Hops for Haiti event at  Third Space Brewing Company  Sunday., June 24 from 3 - 6:00 p.m.  Join us for this family-friendly event with games, an art sale, great food, etc. to support St. Marc's School in Jeannette, Haiti.   Third Space Brewing Company is located at 1505 W St. Paul Ave, Milwaukee.
Please contact Melissa Santa-Cruz at  or Ira Leidel at  if you would like to assist in planning or working at the event.
Christ Church partners 
with the United Methodist Church of WFB for Vacation Bible School in August. 

Sign up your child for this fun week! 
For more details, click HERE.

Regularly Updated Children's Formation Notes from Jean - NEW NOTES
To view,  CLICK HERE


For additional community events, see the Bulletin Board in the garden vestibule.
Small Groups  
  • Monday Evening Centering Prayer Group:  meets at 5:00 p.m. at the home of the Bentons.   Contact  Helen
  • Tuesday Morning Women's Faith Group: meets at 9 a.m. in the JT Room and is reading Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World by Joanna Weaver. Contact Barb.
  • Wednesday Noon Men's Group: meets in the JT Room and is reading Drawn into the Mystery of Jesus by Jean Vanier. Contact Greg.
  • Beloved Community Team meets the second Thursday of the month in the JT Room at 7:30 a.m.   Contact the BCT with  any questions or suggestions.
  • Thursday Downtown Noon Group  Contact Fr. Seth.  
  • Women's Book Group meets monthly at 7:30 p.m. Contact Katie.
*For more information on Adult Small groups, click here.    
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