Ice Crystals

Step 1 to Loving Winter and the Holiday Season 
is taking notice of the beauty around us!

Step 2 to Loving Winter is Gratitude
I am thankful for:
⭐️I'm thankful for cozy warm red plaid coat, mittens and a hat.
⭐️Commissions to keep me painting pups and kitties!
⭐️Family, Friends, Students to share the celebrations with!
What are YOU thankful for?

Step 3 to Loving Winter 
   An  artist date photograph snow scenes for painting reference
Your assignment :  
Enjoy your holiday.  Share your favorite
snow scene or Holiday picture  with me.

Step 4 to Loving Winter 
is something to look forward to!
Save the Date
Journal Journey Jumpstart with Jill, Linda and YOU!
2 day workshop March 24, 31 2017  (Fridays)
$50 per day or $95 for both

Step 5 to Loving Winter 
is snuggling between two pups while I write this!

Prince Charming, Pokie and Queenie
40 X 30 Mixed Media

Step 6 to Loving Winter 
is telling a story

I need help!  (For lots of reasons) Here is a painting I call a "story starter".  Do YOU have the story to go with this painting?  The mixed media painting was the result of one of my "Doodle Starts" and just hopped onto the canvas.  Now it needs a home or a story or BOTH!
Gallery Representation

Framecraft of Warrenton
"Lucy" 20 X 16

 is a good time to think about Pet Portraits! 
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