Low Contact Catering
FGF Catering Committed to Health and Safety
At FGF Catering, we understand the increasing uneasiness about health and food safety regarding COVID-19. That's why we are offering a food & beverage experience that will put you and your guests at ease.

To promote health and food safety everywhere we work, our team has put together a menu of Low Contact Carts and Drop-Off Lunches. Avoid unnecessary exposure in crowded places and let us, not only drop off, but safely deliver to you. Our Low Contact Carts are loaded with individually pre-packaged snacks and beverages we can roll out to every office floor, corporate cubical, or any location giving your guests peace of mind. Our Drop-Off Lunches feature gourmet, hot lunches in addition to our classic boxed lunches.

Please explore our Low Contact Carts and Drop-Off Lunch Menus below. Our Catering Sales Professional are happy to assist with your needs at this critical time. FGF is taking additional actions that comply with the Center for Disease Control and U.S. Food & Drug Administration's healthy safety guidelines and are listed below.
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Health & Food Safety
We want to assure you that safety and sanitation is of upmost importance at FGF Catering and we are committed to providing a healthy and sanitary environment for our guests and employees at all times. We are offering our Low Contact Carts in direct response to the CDC's and FDA's COVID-19 preventative guidelines but have also implemented the following operational changes to further minimize exposure:

  • No employees showing any signs of sickness will be allowed to work events
  • Gloves will be worn by staff during set up of flatware, glassware, bar glassware and during bar service
  • There will be additional sanitation schedules for the delivery truck
  • Frequent hand washing will be required before, after, and during shifts, Manager to ring chimes every 20 minutes for employees to wash hands
  • Additional hand sanitizer provided for employees and guests
  • Mobile bars to have portable hand wash station
  • No self-serve buffets – employees to serve guests
  • Plated entrees, consider serving with plate cover and removing once set down
  • No preset salad/desserts 
  • Pre-set water and iced tea to have paper lids on glasses 

Please feel free to contact your sales professional for any questions you may have.