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Posted Feb 9th 2019
This email is for the folks who have signed up for notices about the Low Light Photo Group
The next meeting is @ 6:30 PM, March 14th
Thank you to everyone who came to the last meeting. We had a few new faces and it was pleasure to meet you all. At that last meeting it was asked if we could have more about shooting the night sky. So we will have a few guest speakers talking about their experiences, equipment and workflow.

The photo theme for this meeting is "Looking for the Dark in all the Light places". Bring up to 5 jpg images on a thumb drive or memory card. Please have only those images on the device or in a folder that has only those images.
MeetUp.com - A new ticketing service
We are trying out an new ticketing service that seems more dynamic for groups like ours called MeetUp.com . MeetUp.com is free to join. It allows you to create an event and everyone in the group knows it immediately. Feel free to check it out. You can find our MeetUp group here at Bradenton JPI Photo Group. The best description I've found is, It's like Facebook just without all the ads.
There are a couple of low light excursions that I'll be either attending or teaching. As the dates get confirmed I'll post them on MeetUp first.
If you have a thought or comment about the new service please email me here.
Recent Stuff
I recently went to Bok Tower for the Dark Sky Star Party. I've posted a few online here and there. Below are some of my keepers. I know the rain kept a few folks away, but it was worth it in my opinion. You can see more images on the Meetup page by clicking here.
Bok Tower is a National Historical Landmark in Lake Wales. I'd recommend visiting there at least once, if you haven't done so yet. I try to visit there at least twice a year. It never gets old. You can read more about the place here www.boktowergardens.org
Short Notice - Sat, Feb 9th from 6pm to 10:30pm
Field Trip To Crowley Nature Center - Public Dark Sky Viewing
Crowley Museum & Nature Center is having a Dark Sky Party. A chance to meet local astronomers and shoot the night sky. The weather forecast shows it to be cloudy. So come prepared. This isn't a class as much as chance to get together and shoot as a group. I've not been to the Crowley Museum & Nature Center before so I'm looking forward to checking it out.
If you are going and you want to "meet-up" sign up here. However, the organizers would prefer you to register on their Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/events/1506193082850271/ Hope to see you out there!

"Come out to Crowley Museum & Nature Center for deep sky observing with the Local Group Of Deep Sky Observers! Telescopes and light snacks provided. Admission $10 per adult, $5 per child, cash only please!" From the Facebook Event Page.

The event is Saturday Feb 9th from 6 PM to 10:30 PM
A Sunset in Venice - Hopefully
February 14th the sun will be setting between and under the Venice Fishing Pier. It should be almost in the middle of the underside as it sets at 6:21 PM. I'm hoping to get out of work early enough to go down and shoot it. If so, I'll be there with my camera and tripod. No need to sign up for this. If I am off work I'll see you there. Here is a timeline of the light.

  • 5:49 PM Golden Hour
  • 6:21 PM Sunset
  • 6:35 PM Blue Hour
  • 6:44 PM Nautical Twilight
The pier photo you see here is by Rick Schwartz. Click on the photo and you should see the image in full screen mode on most devices. You can find out more about Rick on his Smug Mug page - JustEnoughFocus.
Potential Dates
I'm compiling a list of dates for some dark sky landscapes. Once they are finalized I'll be posting them on the MeetUp.com page.
  • Feb 19th - Supermoon (Full Moon) Moonrise at 6:40 PM (after sunset)
  • Feb 20th - Moonset at 7:56 AM (53 minutes after sunrise)
  • Feb 20th - Moonrise at 7:49 PM (over an 1hr after sunset)
  • March 6th - Milky Way 2:24 AM to 5:32 AM
  • March 20th - Supermoon (Full Moon) Moonset at 7:28 PM (just before sunrise)
  • March 20th - Supermoon (Full Moon) Moonrise at 7:31 PM (just before sunset)
  • March 31st - Milky Way 1:42 AM to 6:02 AM
And keep your eyes peeled for this....
Hopefully in March we will also be doing a steel wool demonstration and photo shoot led by David Frayer.
Thank You - Low Light Group is 1 year old!
Thank you to everyone who has been participating and spreading the word about the Low Light Photo Group. The group is now officially a year old. I am excited about 2019. It looks like to be an interesting and active year. See you all very soon!
Cheers - Dono - Director of Eduacation at JPI - Email - dono@jpiphoto.com
New Members
The Group is open to all interchangeable lens cameras (ILC) users who are interested in Low Light Photography. Hosted by Donovan (Dono) Evans, the group will explore the unique properties of low light photography with presentations and field trips. There are no fees or dues for joining this group, however some group activities have fees. The group relies on the active participation from all attendees.

Meeting Times: The group meets bi-monthly. Field Trips and other similar events are scheduled when appropriate.

You can also check upcoming group activities on social media - Facebook or Meetup
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