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RSP1 Radar Signal Processor

The RSP1 Radar Signal Processor from RFbeam Microwave is the first member of a growing family of RFbeam Radar signal processors.  Up to now, the development of radar signal processing has been a time consuming matter, needing experience in analogue and digital electronics.  The RSPx family will help users to concentrate on their application; Know how, rather than having to invest time and money in raw FFT signal processing.

Key Features
  • Universal Doppler Radar signal processor.
  • Complete I/Q Radar sensor interface.
  • Complex FFT based signal processing.
  • Double detection distance compared to traditional solutions.
  • Object speed and direction detection up to 250km/h.
  • Efficient adaptive interference suppression.
  • Stand-alone or hosted operation.
  • Serial interfaces to host processor.
  • Evalutation kit available.
The RSP1 reduces the development process to configuration by setting parameters; It contains all the Doppler signal processing and uses advance complex FFT technology.  Typical applications need minimal external components and configuration can be made by switches and potentiometers, or fully digital via a serial interface.

Typical Applications
  • Movement detectors.
  • Lighting control systems.
  • Security applications.
  • Object speed detection.
Reference designs and application notes are available in the RSP1 Datasheet and the RSP1 Eval-Kit is an indispensable starting point for developing RSP1 applications.

Low Power Radar Transceiver 

RFbeam Microwave has developed the low power consuming K-MC5_LP Doppler module.  This unit has a single 428 element patch antenna, with a very narrow beam for medium distance sensing (100 metres), so is ideally suited for traffic applications.  This module includes an RF low noise amplifier and two 47dB IF pre-amplifiers for both I and Q channels.  The need for external analogue electronics will be significantly reduced by this.

Key Features
  • LOW CURRENT 24GHz short range transceiver.
  • Very Narrow Beam aperature 5�/6.5�.
  • 3.3V.....6V Supply.
  • Less than 30mW power consumption.
  • Buffered I/Q IF outputs with integrated IF amplifier.
  • Wide operating temperature range.
  • Single 428 patch antenna.
  • Slim 10mm thickness construction.
The K-MC5_LP contains power safe circuitry, resulting in only 8mA at a wide range of 3.3V to 6V supply voltage.  An extremely slim construction, with only 10mm depth, which gives you maximum flexibility in equipment design.

Typical Applications
  • Traffic control systems.
  • Battery operated equipment.
  • Object speed measurement systems.
  • Industrial sensors.
RFbeam Microwave develops and delivers low cost planar microwave solutions, such as short range radar modules, planar patch and slot antennas, as well as complete signal conditioning solutions.  For the full range please view the RFbeam Microwave website.

Click Here to view the full product datasheet.

Surface Mount Baluns
Extended Frequency Coverage - 20GHz

By using their patented Microlithic� technology, Marki Microwave has created a new line of surface mount baluns with frequency ranges up to 20 GHz.  With a similar circuit to their banded connectorized baluns, these new baluns feature excellent phase balance, amplitude balance, and common mode rejection across broad bandwidths.  Unlike the existing surface mount baluns, they also offer signficant isolation, typically between 13-17 dB.  The new units are as follows:  BAL-0208SMG (2-8 GHz), BAL-0416SMG (4-16 GHz), BAL-0620SMG (6-20 GHz).

New Surface Mount Assembly Guide

Comprehensive information about assembling Marki Microwave surface mount components is now located in a single location:  the new Surface Mount Assembly Guide.  This guide gives an overview of the types of surface mount components, layout design, reflow profile design, cleaning, and troubleshooting for pick and place assembly of Marki SMT components.  Marki recommend contract manufacturers, in house assemblers, and other board producers review this document before qualifying any new surface mount processes.

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