“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

-Nikola Tesla
Greetings Everyone,

This month we're featuring new low voltage switchboards manufactured by PCI and available off the shelf and/or fully customized to your specific needs. At ROMAC, we've spent a lot of 2019 updating our digital presence, and we're proud to unveil our new ROMC Supply website. The new website makes finding the electrical equipment you need easier than ever before! We now have four websites that detail our specific product groups. Use the ROMAC Electrical Power Equipment site (romacpower.com) as an overview if you're not sure where to start. If you're looking for new switchgear and other newly manufactured industrial electrical equipment, check out the PCI site (powercontrolsinc.com). For new MCCB mounting hardware and enclosures visit our HRC site (breakerhardware.com). We'll leave it to you to explore all we have to offer on our new websites.

Let's get to the details in the Hotwire...
PCI has the LV switchboards you need
PCI is a product group of ROMAC Electrical Power Equipment
PCI builds high quality, indoor or outdoor, UL listed switchboards from 400A to 6000A. We stock sectional components necessary to build gear per your specification. We stock utility sections up to 1200A with circuit breakers and up to 4000A with bolted pressure switches. We build mains with any size breakers or switches. We offer a complete switchboard solution for your application. Get in touch with PCI today!
Or Call: 1-800-88-POWER
PCI has low voltage switchboard sections in stock, so that you can make the lineup you need fast. We have no less than 25 different utility metering requirement designs ready to go!
PCI Combination sections include utility meter clamps, a main breaker and distribution.
The PCI Meter Main section includes utility meter clamps and a main breaker.
PCI Distribution sections give you ample space for all the distribution you need to include in your application. We customize your switchboard all the way down to the labeling.
PCI is constantly innovating and improving switchgear designs to reflect the latest needs of electrical professionals. In the next few months, we will be unveiling new switchboard design options. Be sure to check future volumes of the Hotwire for details about the exciting new sections that are coming soon.
A New Look For romacsupply.com
At ROMAC we've been making a lot of updates to our digital presence. Last week we launched a brand new ROMAC Supply website. Our new website features the same great information about our electrical products and services with a new easier to use interface.
New ways to search for what you need
The new ROMAC Supply website (romacsupply.com) has new ways for you to search for the electrical equipment you need or to contact us so that we can do the searching for you. You'll find general and targeted email forms throughout the site that allow you to get in touch with the right people right away.

We're making it easier than ever to get in touch with the ROMAC staff you need to get the equipment, support, or info that you need to get the job done.
Fully Responsive Design - Use it on all of your devices
The new ROMAC Supply site is fully responsive, that means that you can take advantage of all the great information and features of romacsupply.com on all of your devices. Use the site at home, in the office, or on the road!
We Want Your Feedback
We want the new ROMAC Supply website to serve our customer' needs, and to do that we need your feedback. Are there features you would like to see on our site that we don't have? Are we missing any information you need? Let us know how we can improve your experience on our site.

Email ROMAC's marketing department with your suggestions, comments, and questions. We really value your feedback!
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