January 2019
Low Water Stream Crossings for Trails and Greenways

Much wider than culverts, these structures cross over drainage ways at the same grade as the trail surface. Low water crossings are designed to allow normal flow under the trail, and to be over-topped during seasonal floods. 
Featured National Recreation Trail
Bailey's Woods Oxford, Mississippi

Bailey's Woods Trail connects the University Museum at the University of Mississippi to Rowan Oak, William Faulkner's residence in Oxford, Mississippi.
Featured Recreational Trails Project
 Bugline Trailhead Train Depot, Wisconsin

The Village of Sussex, Wisconsin found an innovative way to repurpose an unused historical train depot into a trailhead for the Bugline Trail.
The World is Our Classroom
Cindy's story begins in the Rocky Mountain wilderness on a unique and extraordinary journey: two parents leading their young children 3,100 miles on the backs of llamas.
Discovering the North Country Trail
Dedicated volunteers are working to improve and complete the trail that runs across seven northern states.
R esources and Training

February webinar answers the question Now That e-Bikes Are On Trails, What Do We Know?
Our February 23 webinar is a continuation of the 2017 webinar on e-bike access and management, designed to highlight "what we know" about e-bike use on paved, soft surface, and singletrack trails. Drawing from a recently published online study out of Portland State University, on-the-ground knowledge from Jefferson County, CO, and trail management lessons from Europe, this webinar will provide attendees a range of case studies at the local, state, federal, and international levels to understand and manage e-bikes on a variety of infrastructure.

Trails For America
A 1966 study headed by Stuart Udall on the feasibility of a National Trails System.

Statewide Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan (SCORP)
The Statewide Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan (SCORP) serves as a guide for all public outdoor recreation in urban and rural neighborhoods, cities, and regions for a given state. Each state must prepare a SCORP every five years to be eligible for funding from the Land and Water Conservation Fund.

Outdoor Recreation in Oregon: Responding to Demographic and Societal Change
The plan addresses five important demographic and societal changes facing outdoor recreation providers in the coming years including: 1. An aging population; 2. An increasingly diverse population; 3. Lack of youth engagement in outdoor recreation; 4. An underserved low-income population; and 5. The health benefits of physical activity.

American Trails website resources
Check out our volunteer portal for the latest available volunteer opportunities, and our training calendar for upcoming conferences and events.

Featured Trail Industry Manufacturer: Eco-Counter
With over 15 years of experience, Eco-Counter is the global leader in pedestrian and cyclist counting solutions. Their temporary and permanent, urban and rural people counting solutions count and classify pedestrians and cyclists using discreet, advanced, patented sensor technologies. Automated count data is a powerful tool to capture daily and seasonal usage trends, justify investments, communicate with stakeholders and much more.
International Trails Symposium News
10% exhibitor/sponsor discount ends February 1
Exhibitors and sponsors at the 2019 ITS can receive a substantial discount through November 1, as well as choose their booth location in the order their contract and payment is received. View the current sponsors and available booths, download the sponsor contract, and learn more here .

Early 2019 registration discount ends March 1
The final early registration discount is quickly approaching on March 1. This is your last chance to save up to $75 to attend the 2019 ITS. We offer full and single day registrations, and discounts are offered for American Trails members, NY residents, sponsors, exhibitors, and presenters. View the view the full agenda, sessions, speakers, fees, floor plans, and more here .

Register for an offsite workshop (space is limited)
Explore Syracuse and the surrounding areas by attending an offsite mobile workshop at 2019 ITS. Go on an overnight backpacking/paddling trip to the Adirondacks, enjoy a mountain bike or horseback ride in a public multi-use park in Highland Forest, ride in a side-by-side for an OHV tour, learn about foot trail construction on a National Scenic Trail, and more. Workshops are first come first serve and some are an additional fee. Learn more by checking out what workshops are available each day…

Volunteer at 2019 ITS and get a free TRAIL BOSS shirt!
Additional benefits for volunteers include admission to concurrent sessions the day(s) volunteered, complimentary snacks and drinks, free ticket to the Trails Rock Party Monday night, as well as free parking at the convention center. We have a variety of volunteer opportunities onsite including assisting at the registration desk, auction, bag stuffers, exhibit hall setup/breakdown, and more! View all of the volunteer time slots and sign up today…