For Bitter For Worse Eva's Spritz

$16.99 / 8oz 4pk can

The non-alcoholic, zero proof, no & lo (or whatever name you want to call it) beverage space is growing at a staggering pace. While part of this may be a fad coming off increased drinking during COVID lockdowns, I think a decent amount of what’s out there will have staying power. You see this in more interest from consumers, more products to discover, and more non-alcoholic options on cocktail menus when you go out. As one of our non-alcoholic buyers here at the shop, I'm all for it! It's exciting to sample all the new products in n/a beer, wine, spirits, and ready to drink options. I do have my favorites out of our extensive, curated offerings. Standouts include Ghia, Kin Euphorics, Ish, Athletic Brewing, Untitled Art's N/A beers. 

For this newsletter, I want to feature For Bitter For Worse Eva's Spritz. We offer this N/A wine alternative in a four pack of cans. Most N/A wine has a way to go for me, but sparkling and wine alternatives offer a pretty satisfying drinking experience. Eva's Spritz is a tart, slightly bitter bubbly drink with loads of flavor coming from rhubarb, orange, genetian, and hibiscus. This is lovely on its own out of the can, or when done as more of a cocktail poured over ice with an orange twist. This is for fan's of amaro, complex cocktails, or big red wines. Perfect to pair with meals, charcuterie, or just for a lil afternoon pick-me-up.

For Bitter For Worse was created by a husband and wife team based out Portland, Oregon. They created it when they cut out drinking and were looking for a way to recreate the ritual of cocktailing. Their process involves macerating herbs and botanicals in neutral grain alcohol. They then remove the alcohol and add in fruit and their own syrups to create their unique drinks.

-Phil Romero

Dram Lavender & Lemon Balm

$2.99 / 12oz can

$10.99 / 12oz 4pk

Mod-er-a-tion /ˌmädəˈrāSH(ə)n/ (n): an avoidance of excess, of particular importance following well-savored holiday season indulgences.

In pursuing this, I am looking to some of our new and interesting non-alcoholic offerings to keep my palate happy. I'm currently enjoying herbal sparkling water from Dram, a botany-and-sustainability-inspired project out of Salida, Colorado. I love lavender, so this is right up my alley thanks to its ingredient list: purified carbonated rocky mountain water, non-GMO glycerine, lavender flowers, lemon balm leaves, lemon peel, gentian root, and lemon salt. Dram strikes a perfect balance between intensity of herbal flavor, zippy acidity, and refreshing levity when poured over ice, and the calming effects of the lavender lemon balm bitters fall right in line with my goals for the start of a new year. Also, come springtime, this might just see some gin and a citrus twist!

-Lauren Loeffler

Roots Divino Aperitif Bianco

$36.99 | SALE: $33.99 / 700ml

Light, fresh, herbal drinks should be consumed all year long, not just to beat the summer heat. If you crave this style of drink but are participating in Dry January, the rapidly expanding world of non-alcoholic beverages has an answer: a bottle of Roots Divino. This Greek aperitif balances a tart brightness with classic Mediterranean herbs such as rosemary, oregano and thyme. Pair with anything.

-Kasimir Bujak

De Soi Champignon Dreams

$4.99 / 8oz. can

Ideal solo date: drinking this Champignon Dreams while reading a book by a west facing window in the golden hour of January. 

An awesome alternative to the ever favorite sparkling aperitif, De Soi has an irresistible umami quality to it that reminds me of persimmon and miso paste. 


Apricot and black currant juice is the base, sweetened with birch syrup and flavored with sherry vinegar for balance and acidity. Gentian & burdock root extracts adds earthiness. Jasmine & tulsi extracts for a floral touch. Champignon Dreams also contains adaptogens reishi mushroom and passion flower to help your brain relax! If you are a fan of the Domaine Glinavos Paleokerisio Semi Sparkling Orange Wine, I think you would also love this NA selection. :)

-Dayna Palmer 

Lindeman's Pêche Lambic

$8.49 / 375ml

$12.99 / 750ml

A classic Lambic from Belgium's Senne River Valley, Lindeman's Pêche is spontaneously fermented by natural yeasts in the air. The addition of peach juice gives a sweet, fruity zip to this beer, but this blends nicely with the tart and slightly funky Lambic backbone. Notes of hay and green bottle funk, followed by ripe peach juice. At 2.5% ABV, this Lambic is very light on alcohol. 

-Will O'Brien

Lagunitas Hoppy Refresher

$5.99 / 12oz bottle 4pk

I’m going to be honest: one thing that most non-alcoholic substitute options have in common is that they remind me of how much I love the taste of alcohol. It’s so hard to come close to replicating the unique taste and warming bite that alcohol provides. This effect is magnified when trying to replicate higher alcohol products- a non-alcoholic tequila feels like a cruel prank on my taste buds, but non-alcoholic beers are downright passable.

Thankfully, Lagunitas Hoppy Refresher isn’t even technically trying to be beer. Instead, it evokes the feel of a hoppy beer, but is really just robustly hopped sparkling water. 0% ABV, gluten free, carb free – you name it. (it’s just water, after all!) As a substitute for beer, Hoppy Refresher passes the test: bubbly, crisp, refreshing, and pleasantly bitter. Where it truly shines, though, is as a supplement to a night of drinking. We’ve all opened the “last beer” at the end of a night of drinking that ends up half full on your night table (or pooling in your lap as you doze off on the couch...just me?). The “last beer” is never advisable. However, replace your last drink with a hoppy bottle of water, and you can scratch the itch and get a head start on taming your hangover in one fell swoop! If you squeeze a couple of bottles in between drinks, you’ll lower your consumption and increase your hydration.

-Andrew Sayers

Dram Holy Basil & Lemon

$2.99 / 12oz can

$10.99 / 12oz 4pk

My go-to N/A drink is the Holy Basil and Lemon Dram, which contains zero calories while having more flavor than your classic sparkling water. This adaptogenic drink also claims to calm the nervous system and be good for the heart. Do with that as you will, but while I drink a Dram instead of a beer, I believe I feel just a bit healthier while trying to cut back after the holidays.

-Emma Zuckerman

St. Agrestis Phony Negroni

$4.99 / 200ml bottle

I love a good drink. I love a drink with depth and complexity to punctuate the end of my day or while talking with friends. I think they require us to focus the senses in way a that is mildly meditative. While the drinks I love often contain alcohol (namely mezcal), I explored alternatives in a recent multi-month hiatus from alcohol that inspired a similar experience. I surveyed most of our non-alcoholic section, and I've found several new favorites that have found their way into a regular rotation. The non-alcoholic drinks that I like the most share the same flavors profiles as what I enjoy in spirits and wine: citrus, salt, herbs, and spice.

St. Agrestis Phony Negroni- I love the name, and I love a Negroni. I think making a non-alcoholic version of an all spirit cocktail could easily fail, but this is a tasty substitute. 

The Mocktail Club cocktails- My favorites are the Havana Twist with Cucumber, Mint, Lime with a touch of Cardamom and cloves and the Bombay Fire with Pomegranate, Tea, Agave and Chili Peppers.

Ghia Le Spirtz Lime and Salt- depth and delight with (you guessed it) lime and salt.

For lighter options (think cider, hardseltzer, beer alternatives) I really enjoy the spice of Dram's Mushroom Cola (dry and spiced) and the Cardamom & Black Tea sparkling water (favorite childhood flavors). 

I could write a thesis on all the non-alcoholic seltzers that I've had, but I'll spare you (or save it for another day) and tell you that Nixie's ginger lime really packs a punch. One of my favorite treats, anytime!

-Sheena Callage

Kin Euphorics Spritz

$4.99 / 12 oz can

$16.99 / 12 oz 4pk

I love to have a good time, hitting the club, late-night raves, and music festivals – that’s my jam. When I’m living life to the fullest during Dry January, I reach for a Kin Spritz. The Kin Spritz is “gently caffeinated” and specially formulated with adaptogens and nootropics. The unique taste is derived from a mix of ginger, citrus, and hibiscus. When drinking a Kin Spritz, I feel a warm uplifting sensation and feel more connected to the music and the people around me. Grab a 4-pack today and dance the night away!

-Paul Gresko

Untitled Art Chocolate Milk Stout N/A

$16.99 / 12oz can 6pk

Dry January... the doldrums... the sadness... the joy? The world of non-alcoholic beverages has changed drastically over the last few years. You're no longer forced to choose a badly imitated Euro-lager. Instead, you can have something tasty like a chocolate milk stout! This one from Untitled Art is brewed with chocolate and milk sugar (lactose). This faux-beer is an impressive substitute. Milk chocolate dominates the nose, accompanied by hints of roasted coffee and subtle baking chocolate. Swiss Miss hot cocoa powder is all over the palate (in a good way). While I wish that it had a little more body so that it would be a like-for-like replacement for it's alcoholic cousin, it still is a darn delightful choice if you're looking for an N/A option. Cheers!

-Drew Smoker

Zing Zang Bloody Mary mix

$5.99 / 1.0L bottle

You say, "tomato", and I say, "Bloody Mary"! The Bloody Mary, in my opinion, is the best brunch beverage rivaled maybe only by coffee itself. I have made my own from scratch when I had lots of time, and I have tried several pre-mixed Bloody Mary mixes over the years. The one I keep coming back to is Zing Zang (...maybe I'm a sucker for Z's since my last name is Zetlmeisl 🙂.....) Seriously though, it is thick and delicious with just enough spice. I like to do an Old Bay rim with 3 ounces of Vodka and some Zing Zang, then garnish with celery, lime, jalapeno-stuffed olive, cocktail onion, pepperoncini and bacon! For extra umami, try adding some beef bouillon and/or Trader Joe's Umami powder - yum! If you prefer to cut back on the vodka for "Dry January", then you do you. Cheers!

-Dan Zetlmeisl

Iapetus Tributary PetNat Piquette

$22.99 / 750ml bottle

Iapetus was an ancient ocean that once covered the Champlain Valley in modern day Vermont.  Iapetus was a Titan from Greek mythology, the sun of Uranus and Gaia, and the father of Atlas and Prometheus.  The Iapetus Ocean was the precursor to the Atlantic, which was named after Iapetus’ son Atlas.  Now in this small river exists the Iapetus Winery, which focuses on terroir-driven winemaking that uses almost exclusively French/American hybrids.  This includes grapes I’ve never even heard of like St. Croix Rose, L’Acadie Blanc and La Crescent.  Iapetus Tributary is a sparkling, red, pet nat piquette.  During the wine making process, grapes are pressed for their juice and the left over grape skins is called the “must”.  Iapetus uses an ancient method where they rehydrate the must, referment it, and then finally press it again to create what is called a piquette.  The end result is a low alcohol, tart, easy drinking “wine” that Iapetus makes a bit bubbly.  Due to this process, the alcohol by volume never really gets very high - Tributary is around 5%.  This is a fun, easy-drinking, low alcohol bubbly that’s a lil' funky - perfect for low key hangs. 

-Andrew Thorp

Monument City Brewing Cute Little Saison Smol Beer

$22.99 / 750ml bottle

Smol Beer! With this being a record-breaking warm start to the year, why not continue your dry(ish) January with a light and fruited saison from Monument Brewing! This Cute Little Saison clocks in at 3.5%, making it the perfect choice for when you really just don’t want that super juicy hazy dank triple IPA this Winter. Available in 4-pack variety packs, add some Cute Little Saison to your low ABV rotation!

-Matthew Thomas

Apple Dumpling Cocktail

$24.99 / 375ml bottle - Spiritless Kentucky 74 N/A Bourbon

$8.99 / 4z bottle - Fee Molasses Bitters

Apple Dumpling Cocktail

  • 1.5 oz Spiritless 74 Bourbon

  • 10 dashes Molasses Bitters

  • 5 oz Apple Cider

  • Ice


Fill old fashioned glass with ice. Add Spiritless 74 Bourbon, apple cider and molasses bitters. Stir and serve. 

Even though it’s Dry January, cold weather always puts me in the mood for the warm spices and baked goods we commonly associate with fall and winter. This cocktail reminds me of my grandmother’s apple bars—the sweetness of cider, the deep caramelized notes of molasses bitters, and the earthy bite of Spiritless 74 brings me back to her kitchen. I love the taste of spirits, but don’t always want the alcohol; this cocktail provides all the flavor I want, but without the buzz. 

-Matthew Robicelli

Union Brewing Hopwater Springs

$6.99 / 12oz 6 pack

With two of my employers collaborating on the same can, I would be remiss if I didn’t take this opportunity to rave about Hopwater Springs. As a Quality Control Analyst for Union Craft Brewing by day and a trusty Wine Source associate by night, I can assure this can is not only a non-alcoholic substitute! For those that appreciate the bright and fresh zing of hop aroma, this can and should be your new hydration source. Contrary to sparkling waters with diluted strawberry or lemon “essence”, Hopwater Springs incorporates the bitter grapefruit and dankness of hop forward beers with a base of zippy sparkling water. Since this was canned, I have spotted many Union employees operating heavy machinery with this as their sole beverage of choice. Heralded for being gluten free with an aroma that actually tastes and smells like hops, you should really try it. (Contrary to the art, the water is not sourced from the Jones Falls)

-Callie Cinque