Lowe's Corporation recently selected Macon County's own Tuskegee History Center as a recipient of its 100 Hometowns initiative, which celebrates the company’s centennial by improving and impacting hometowns across America.

After receiving more than 2,000 submissions and narrowing it down to just 100 impact projects, Lowe's will assist the Tuskegee History Center in repairing water damage, painting, and landscaping.

Fred Gray, President of the Center, said: “The Tuskegee History Center is delighted that Lowe’s recognizes the important role that the Center plays in educating the public on the history of Tuskegee and Macon County and the impact of its citizens on Alabama and America. This grant will assist the Center in continuing to educate the public.”

The Tuskegee History Center, established in 1997 as the Tuskegee Human and Civil Rights Multicultural Center, was created to serve as a memorial to the victims of the Tuskegee Syphilis Study with a mission to present, preserve and promote the history of Tuskegee and Macon County. Its exhibits and projects focus on the contributions of Native Americans, European Americans and Americans of African descent to the history and development of Tuskegee/Macon County. 

The improvements and repairs supported by Lowe's 100 Hometowns program will have a positive impact on downtown Tuskegee redevelopment and Macon County.

Louis Maxwell, Chairman of the Macon County Commission, said, "We are so proud Lowe's has chosen one of our communities as a hometown worthy of their assistance. We look forward to the improvements and changes they will help us make in the next few months."

By October 31 of this year, the 100 Hometowns program will complete the 100 projects across 36 states. Regular updates on repairs and enhancements to the Tuskegee History Center will be posted on the Center’s website and shared nationally by Lowe’s. Programs are also being scheduled that will include Lowe’s volunteers and special events.