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Lower fees and new fund choices for members of Brethren Pension Plan -

now called Eder Retirement Plan

NWPS will be sending a fund change announcement to employees who are members.

´╗┐Please note:  

  • Eder Financial until early May was known as Church of the Brethren Benefit Trust, and the Eder Retirement Plan was known as Brethren Pension Plan. 

  • Click here to read about the transition of Church of the Brethren Benefit Trust to Eder Financial.

  • The name Brethren Values Investing, also known as BVI, has been changed to Eder Values Investing, or EVI. 

Changes beginning on July 1 

Eder Financial is pleased to announce the following changes to its Retirement Plan and Organizational Investing lineup of funds, effective July 1, 2022.  

  • The Domestic Stock Value Fund will be added to the lineup of funds. It will be actively managed and will be screened by EVI standards. 
  • This actively managed Domestic Stock Value Fund will be added as a component of the Common Stock Fund and the Balanced Fund. 
  • The changes detailed below are only for the Pension Plan/Retirement Plan funds and do not affect the BFFI/Organizational Investing lineup of funds.  
  • The EVI Balanced Fund will become an index fund with a passively managed investment strategy for the stock component of the fund. This will reduce the expense ratio by 20 basis points.
  • The present BVI Index Balanced Fund will not be needed because the EVI Balanced Fund will now use index-based stock investments. The BVI Index Balanced Fund will now be known as the EVI Balanced Fund. 
  • The following index funds will migrate to EVI status because we have found a solution to screen our index funds for Eder Values. 
  • Domestic Stock Large Cap Core Index 
  • Domestic Stock Mid Cap Index 
  • Domestic Stock Small Cap Index 
  • International Core Index 
  • Emerging Markets Index 
  • The Target Date Funds will be moved to a passive (index-based) investment strategy for the stock portion of those funds. This will reduce the expense ratio of these funds by an average of 19 basis points.


The Q1 Fund Fact Sheets as of 3/31/22 are available on NWPS, but do not reflect the above changes. Pro-Forma Fund Fact Sheets for the Domestic Value Fund, Common Stock Fund, Balanced Fund, and EVI Balanced Fund can be found at the following link: https://cobbt.org/Fund-Fact-Sheets-2022 When Q2 Fund Fact Sheets are generated as of 7/31/22, they will be loaded to NWPS and reflect all changes.   


Lynnae Rodeffer
Vice President of Products
and Services
We hope you find this update helpful, and we welcome your feedback.