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After the last Insider was published, I received a very nice email from a patron requesting a slight change to Insider layout. Previous editions included a section with white text on a grey background.

The patron suggested that this color combination be discontinued as those who have visual impairments, such as macular degeneration, find it difficult to read.

I am so thankful for this email. We want our communications to be as effective as possible! If you have any suggestions about the layout and/or content of the Insider newsletter, please do not hesitate to let me know!

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Lower Level Video Tour!
For a sneak peak of lower level construction progress, check out our first video tour!

Project Ups and Downs (but mostly ups)
  • Project components starting next week: painting downstairs walls and ground work for the retaining wall install on the front street hill.
  • New limestone has been installed on the 1903 building and it looks really nice.
  • Atrium demolition has gone rather quickly. The new steel structure is up on the MACC side of the building. The Children's Atrium will be built next week. Windows for the atrium's are on the way.
  • Self-service checkout machines have been ordered! Don't worry, we aren't going to move away from having circulation desk staff. But, caregivers with small children rejoice!! You will be able to checkout materials in the remodeled Youth Services area.

  • During the power-washing of the new (2000) building we discovered that many of our window seals have failed. We knew we had "some" leaks, but this is more than we had anticipated. National Restoration has tested a glazing product on several windows and it seems to be a success. This work modification will result in a slight increased project cost, but hopefully we will not have continued leaks in the building.

Self Checkout Coming soon
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