Volume 5 | September 22, 2019
Lower School News

LEADERSHIP WEEK September 23-27  is next week. This is the week we really focus on what it takes to be a good leader through our  LEADER IN ME  program. The teachers have many fun activities planned for the children that stress  Stephen Covey's Seven Habits . We then continue to focus on them all year! 
Our theme is:

Kindness to Self
Kindness to Others
Kindness to Roycemore
Kindness to the Community

As a part of our Leader in Me program, we are continuing a Leader of the Week for Grades 1-4. This is an opportunity for your child to share more about themselves with the rest of the Lower School and participate in some special leadership activities. Each week of the school year there will be two or three leaders from different grade levels.

During the week your child is leader, they will be a Morning Greeter each day. They will need to arrive to school by 8:15 and stand in front the Lower School windows with the other leader(s) of the week. Together the leaders will welcome students and parents to school by saying “Good Morning” and offering a high-five or wave. We all love coming to school when greeted with a friendly smile!

Your child will also create a poster to present to the entire Lower School during our Monday Morning Meeting. They will choose one or two items to present to their peers from their poster. The poster will hang in the hallway for the week, letting others get to know more about how special they are.

Before your child is Leader of the Week you will receive an email explaining what will be needed on the poster.
Have fun! We can’t wait to learn more about you!

ROSH HASHANAH AND YOM KIPPUR:  The school will be closed in observance of the religious holidays of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, on Monday, September 30 and Wednesday October 9. We will be running a Day Camp for those of you who will need childcare. Please click on these links for registration forms.   Yom Kippur Day Camp     Rosh Hashanah Day Camp  Please register early, as the camp will only run if we have enough interest.

BOOK FAIR: The Roycemore Book Fair will take place on Monday October 7-Friday October 11. This is a wonderful place to buy books for your children, early gifts for the holidays, and support the school at the same time. We need many volunteers to man the fair. Please sign up at https://signup.com/go/qzuZabm Thank you
Roycemore Students to have the opportunity to create mural that will go to Japan next August

Kids Guernica-Nagasaki Peace Mural Project-September 23rd   &  26th
Roycemore will be participating in a global collaborative art project this month to commemorate the upcoming anniversary of WWII. Our students will create a peace mural that will be displayed next summer at the 75th anniversary of the commemoration ending World War II.

Our students will work with a delegation of visiting artists from Japan to create 2 large-scale peace murals that will be exhibited next summer in Nagasaki and then will travel globally to help spread the idea of peace and respect for all.

All 1st-12th Graders at Roycemore are invited to partake in two after school painting workshops next week: Our Extended Day Students Older Group will be part of this exciting event, but everyone is welcome to participate
- September 23rd (Monday)
- September 26th (Thursday)

Note: Special thanks to the Nagasaki Friendship Doll Association and Dr. Miyazaki, Professor of Anthropology at Northwestern University, for this amazing opportunity.


  • October 18 Pumpkin Carving Night: This is one of Lower School's favorite events. We all have dinner, choose a pumpkin, carve a wonderful jack-o-lantern, and enjoy each others' company.
  • October 25 Carnival: The Upper School puts on a giant fun fair for the Lower and Middle School students. Parents are welcome to come. More information will go home at a later date.

Each week I will list all the activities that we offer, but do know that sometimes, some of them will not go. Please check them to see which ones are going that week.

Lego Club  will meet Monday, September 23 in the First Grade Classroom from 3:15-4:00.
Drama  will  meet Monday, September 23 in the LS Music Room from 3:30-4:15.
Martial Arts  will meet Tuesday, September 24 in the Gross Motor Room attached to the EDP Room from 3:15-4:00.
Ukulele will meet Tuesday, September 24 in the LS Music Room from 3:15-4:00 
Sprout  will meet Tuesday September 24 in the LS Art Room 118 from 3:15-5:15.
Cross Country  will meet Wednesday, September 25 in the Grade 3 Classroom from 3:15-4:00. Pick up in the Dining Hall
Drama will meet Wednesday, September 25 in the LS Music Room. from 3:30-4:15.
Sprout  will meet Wednesday, September 25 in the LS Art Room 118 from 3:15-5:15.
Math Club will meet Thursday, September 26 in Room 230 from 2:00-3:00
Fencing will meet Thursday, September 26 in the Dining Hall from 2:00-3:00.
Chess Club  will meet Thursday, September 26 in the Grade 4 classroom from 3:00-4:00

Fitness Fun Friday  will meet Friday, September 27 in the Gym from 3:15-4:00.

  1. Look who came to visit the 3rd Grade!! Lucy and she had a great time with the children.
2 . I love how the older students at Roycemore interact with our younger students. One way is the Middle School students are reading buddies to our early childhood children. Both groups of children love when they get together and learn so much from each other.
3. Phonics instruction begins in preschool at Roycemore. Starting in Pre-Kindergarten the children are introduced to Zoo Phonics, where they say a letter and a sound and make a motion. It is fun, interactive, and they love it.

In Junior Kindergarten, every day the children do oral activities to help them acquire the sound that each letter makes. Again this is fun! They also learn to write the letters, not on worksheets, but again in an interactive fun experience. Here the teacher is working with a child writing the letter B and pulling out objects that start with the letter B from her "mystery bag".
Most of these are pictures what you have read above.


  Please remember that Roycemore Lower School is a nut/peanut-free environment.  Please remember this when you send in birthday treats and snacks for your children.  There are many other allergies, specific to individual children, so please check with your classroom teacher before sending in treats.   Thank you in advance for caring about all of our children.

Please remember when you need more information, such as lunch menus, the weekly bulletin, and reminders of upcoming special events, go to the Parents' Page on our web site at  http://www.roycemoreschool.org/parents

As usual, if you have any questions or comments, don't hesitate to call or e-mail me.