Volume 29,| March 22, 2020
Lower School News
Hello Lower School Parents
Well, week 1 of remote learning is over. It has been quite a learning experience for you all and our teachers to whom I want to give a huge shout out. They have been incredible in what they created for your children. I do have this caveat for you. Please remember that children learn and work at different rates. Teachers are sending work for everyone, but it is up to you to decide if it is too much for your own child. I promise that your child will not fall behind if they do not do all that is assigned.  

The teachers will be supplying learning next week, and then we go on Spring Break. With everyone being inside most of the day, there are many resources for you to choose from to keep your children engaged. Of course, there is always Mobey Max, but I have a few others for you which might help.

The first website has authors who are reading their books aloud to children

Here are some reading sites besides the ones the teachers have sent you.
This site is for reviewing and sharing books and makes reading a social adventure. Free, Grades 2-8 https://www.biblionasium.com/#tab/content-spring-picks

ABCmouse.com has a Step-by-Step Learning Path with more than 850 lessons designed to take kids through the progression of learning to read. Free for 30 days, PreK-Grade 2

Any kids who love Harry Potter will adore this everything Harry Potter reading website. Free, grade 3-7

Stories, poems, games, and more. Free, K-Grade 5
readwritethink has activities, games, tips, recommendations, and more for literacy. Free, grades K-12

Also when your children are in school, we provide movement opportunities a lot. Our recesses are longer than most schools, plus they have physical education every day for our older children and two-three times a week for our preschool children, plus they are moving to special classes all the time. This will be hard to replicate, but I do suggest you try to get the children out everyday. This will be easy for those of you who live in a house, but if you live in an apartment, you will need to be creative. One idea is what one of my friends in my condo building did. She ordered a badminton set with a free standing net. On bad days she and a friend are hitting the shuttlecock back and forth in the hall. On nice days they are setting the net up in the parking lot and playing. They are keeping social distancing while having fun.
Another idea is to put on Go Noodle, https://family.gonoodle.com/. Your children are familiar with this website as we use it in the classrooms.

Website for Remote Learning:
Coronavirus Response Page:

What's Happening Around Lower School
Even our youngest students are engaged in remote learning.
Guess who is taking care of Roycemore while we are gone?
Our magical Griffin!!

  Please remember that Roycemore Lower School is a nut/peanut-free environment.  Please remember this when you send in birthday treats and snacks for your children.  There are many other allergies, specific to individual children, so please check with your classroom teacher before sending in treats.   Thank you in advance for caring about all of our children.

Please remember when you need more information, such as lunch menus, the weekly bulletin, and reminders of upcoming special events, go to the Parents' Page on our web site at  http://www.roycemoreschool.org/parents

As usual, if you have any questions or comments, don't hesitate to call or e-mail me.