2017 Spring Shoe Sales Survey

Key Insights for Spring Footwear Sales
From Footwear Consumers Nationwide

FDRA conducted a nation-wide shoe sales survey, from 
April 4-6, 2016, of people purchasing shoes this Spring.     
The survey seeks to accurately ascertain the evolving behaviors and insights of the American footwear consumer this spring season.   Respondents answered key questions focused on the likelihood of an upcoming shoe purchase, for whom those shoes shall be purchased, the types of footwear consumers are searching for, and the channel in which they will buy their shoes.  The results support current industry notions with some definite surprises along the way.
5 Key Highlights of the Survey, which can be found below, include: 
  • Shoppers prefer 3:1 purchasing new shoes in a physical store (77%) versus purchasing online (23%).
  • For those who do purchase online, 21% said what they like most is the price and 18% said the variety. Twelve percent (12%) said it was for convenience.
  • 39% said they were buying comfort/casual sneakers/leisure shoes and 26% said they were purchasing performance sneakers for the gym or sports. Fourteen percent (14%) said they were buying fashion/dress shoes like heels, flats, or men's oxfords.
  • The most important factor when purchasing shoes this spring season is to fill a need at 37% and the cost at 30%.
  • Half of all consumers plan on spending less money this Spring compared to last Spring (52% to 14%) with 35% saying they will spend the same amount.
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