June 13, 2019
And Jesus said to them, “Follow me and I will make you fish for people.” 
And immediately they left their nets
and followed him. 
- Mark 1: 17-18
Photo (left to right):
Pastor Sarah & Erik Teichmann
2019 Synod Assembly Summary

While our 2019 Synod Assembly is now behind us, we offer our deep gratitude and thanks to the many, many individuals, congregations, volunteers, and staff members who made it happen. We invite you to check out our Facebook page to view many pictures which capture our moments together as a synod hungry for God’s mission. 

To keep your congregation informed about what happened at our assembly, simply download the bulletin insert using the link below. If you would like to share the videos or presentations used at assembly, please download the files or copy the YouTube links via our Live at Assembly page. We will keep this page up until late June.
2019 Synod Assembly Happenings

  • Praised God through two Services of Word and Sacraments, one fashioned after Synod Day worship at the National Youth Gathering, using many youth participants, and the other using, Of the Land and Seasons: A Folk-Song Paraphrase Setting of Holy Communion. 
  • Joined in Hymn and Prayer led by Erik Teichmann, musician, Sister Dottie Almoney, assembly chaplain, and representatives of our mission partners. 
  • Enjoyed biblical storytelling with Tracy Radosevic, the Rev. Tanya Eza (pictured right) and the Rev. Timothy Seitz-Brown.
  • Ordained: the Rev. James Scott Anderson, called to be pastor of St. John Lutheran Church, Maytown; the Rev. Marissa Kay Becklin, called to be pastor of Faith United Evangelical Lutheran Church, Denver; the Rev. Jay Warren Eckman, called to be associate pastor of Christ Lutheran Church, Gettysburg, and the Rev. Molly Kathryne Haggerty, called to be pastor of Big Spring United Lutheran Church, Newville.
  • Remembered the following rostered ministers who died since the last assembly: Sister Sandy Elaine Lehr, the Rev. Leonard Eugene Shertzer, the Rev. William Andrew Martin, the Rev. George Henry DeFrehn, the Rev. Kenneth G. Swick, and the Rev. Donald Richard Gallion.
  • Celebrated the success of the Lower Susquehanna Synod Always Being Made New Campaign.
  • Installed newly-elected members of Synod Council, newly-elected conference deans, and newly-elected conference secretaries.
  • Offered prayers of sending for the Voting Members of the 2019 Churchwide Assembly.
  • Honored the Rev. Thomas E. McKee for serving twenty years as synod secretary and for forty-five years of ordained ministry and the Rev. Richard E. T. Jorgensen for thirty years of ordained ministry.
  • Installed the Rev. Beth A. Schlegel as newly-elected synod secretary.
  • Affirmed the ministry of Bishop James S. Dunlop by re-election to the office of bishop.
  • Announced the fall 2019 launch of our Certificate in Missional Preaching
  • Announced the fall 2019 launch of our Certificate in Missional Speaking/Evangelism
2019 Assembly Actions

  • Adopted the proposed budget for FY 2020 of $2,535,000.
  • Adopted the beginning minimum base salary and housing allowance for 2020 of $52,306 for ministers of Word and Sacrament who serve full time at the time of their ordination and the beginning minimum salary for 2020 when housing is provided of $36,388 for ministers of Word and Sacrament who serve full time at the time of their ordination.
  • Adopted the beginning minimum salary for 2020 of $46,000 for ministers of Word and Service who serve full time at the time of their consecration.
  • Removed the following bylaws from our governing documents: S10.06.07.c. (the election of a member to the board of directors of the Pennsylvania Council of Churches), S11.01.05. (the Committee for Church in Society), and S11.01.11. (the Leadership Support Committee).
  • Amended the following bylaws: S11.01.02. (changing the name from Bishop’s Congregational Mission Fund to the Lower Susquehanna Synod Mission Fund and the Bishop’s Congregational Mission Fund Committee to the Lower Susquehanna Synod Mission Fund Committee), S11.02.01. (changing the number on the Consultation Committee from 6 to 10 persons), and S12.03.01. (changing the time of the annual conference assembly from within 60 to within 90 days of the Synod Assembly).
  • Adopted the Resolution to Implement the ELCA AMMPARO Strategy in the Lower Susquehanna Synod.
  • Adopted the Memorial to Restore Access to Affordable Healthcare for Churchwide Staff.
  • Adopted the Memorial Regarding Support for Humanitarian Aid to Palestinian Hospitals.
  • Adopted the Memorial on Engagement in the Holy Land.
2019 Election Results

Bishop: The Rev. James S. Dunlop
Vice President: Lucinda L. Bringman
Secretary: The Rev. Beth A. Schlegel
Synod Council clergy: The Rev. Gretchen S. Ierien, the Rev. Jack M. Horner
Synod Council lay female: Meredith Killian Askey, Debra K. Barrett
Synod Council lay male: Dallas Joseph Barclift Jr.
Synod Council young adult: Daniel P. Picone
Synod Council youth: Theodore D. Wolfe
Discipline Committee clergy: The Rev. Elizabeth Polanzke, the Rev. Christopher A. Frye
Discipline Committee lay: Molly A. Wirick, Evan P. Williams
Preliminary Minutes

Preliminary minutes of the 2019 Synod Assembly will be posted on our synod website in print-ready format. Paper copies of the preliminary minutes will be mailed by request only. 
In the Lower Susquehanna Synod of the ELCA, we feed the hungry as we have been fed by Christ. We welcome with full participation and inclusion all who are seeking God’s love and grace. We welcome all because God welcomes all, regardless of race or culture, sexual orientation, gender identity, or relationship status. We welcome all without regard to addictions, physical or mental health, imprisonment, socio-economic circumstances or anything that too often divides us. Our unity is in Jesus Christ.