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Monthly Snapshot:

The latest  unemployment rate  is 3.9 % , compared to 4.8% at the same time last year.

The latest  size of labor force is 661,376 , compared to 651,607 at the same time last year.
The latest  number of  monthly online job postings is 9,200 , with 2,929 of those requiring an Associate's degree or higher and 2,450 of those requiring a Bachelor's degree or higher.
The latest  number of quarterly (January-March) online job postings is 24,211 , with 7,848 of those requiring an Associate's degree or higher and  6,233 of those requiring a Bachelor's degree or higher. 

*All above data refers to the Louisville Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA).
Lowest unemployment rate since late 90's

Eric Burnette, Director of Labor Market Intelligence, KentuckianaWorks

The state of Kentucky recently reached a landmark unemployment rate - 4 percent. It was the lowest monthly unemployment rate for Kentucky since the Bureau of Labor Statistics began releasing statewide data in 1976, barely edging out the 4.1 percent unemployment rates of February-August 2000.

The Louisville MSA's latest 3.9 percent unemployment rate is still a bit higher than the 3.5 rate recorded in the same month in 1999 and the 3.7 rate in 1998. So the latest Louisville-area employment numbers are very, very good, if not quite record-breaking.

The U.S. is now in its second-longest economic expansion in modern history, behind only the 1990s boom that ended with the dotcom crash. While this is great, it also means that it would be unprecedented for the expansion to last beyond next summer. Still, these are good problems to have, and both the Louisville region and the state as a whole are doing better than they have been in decades.

Code Louisville helps El Toro sustain rapid growth

El Toro's revenue grew by over 12,000% in the past 3 years. But growth of this speed and scale presents challenges, especially for hiring managers.

That's where El Toro's relationship to Code Louisville has proved crucial.

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