Weekly Update - January 5, 2023

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Jan 6

Deadline for Extreme Beaver Reader Challenge Submission

Jan 9

TAG Registration

Jan 17

LHE PTA General Meeting

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General PTA Meeting Scheduled January 17th

Please join the LHE PTA at the General Meeting scheduled for Tuesday, January 17 @ 7:00pm in the LHE Cafeteria. Get to know Board members, what we're up to this year and how to get involved! All parents and teachers are welcome.

TAG is Returning!

Did you miss TAG last session? Don't worry, it is coming back!

TAG, in cooperation with Stone Soup Theater, is offering a theater enrichment workshop for all LHE grades. Classes begin the week of Jan 23 and go through March 22 (no class over mid-winter break). 

Classes will be Monday and Wednesday and will consist of two groups K-2 and 3-5. Both classes will run at the same time so there will be no issues for siblings.

Monday: Group A1 (K-2): 2:25-4:00

Group A2 (3-5): 2:25-4:00

Wednesday: Group B1 (K-2):1:10-2:45

Group B2 (3-5): 1:10-2:25

Price: $135 (scholarships available if needed). 

Registration goes live on Monday, January 9 at 8pm! (Link will be posted via the LHE PTA Facebook page closer to the date.)

Student Program Volunteers Needed!

LHE PTA is working to bring more after school enrichment programming to our school, but we need your help to make this happen. We are looking for volunteers to help with signing students in and out of programs and provide general support.

We currently have needs for:

  • Comic Books: Monday 2:30-4:00
  • Spanish: Monday 2:30-4:00
  • Drawing: Wed or Fri 2:30-4:00 waiting to start at our school. 

If you are interested in volunteering, email Jill so we can bring these programs to our students. 

Kid Art Volunteers Needed for the LHE Auction

Every year each classroom contributes a beautiful piece of artwork to be sold at the auction to raise funds for our school. We are looking for volunteers to coordinate a Kid Art project for each classroom. 

Here's how it works:

  1. You will come up with an idea that allows all the children in the classroom to participate/collaborate. 
  2. You will then gather materials and coordinate with the teacher for the classroom you are volunteering for to come in to create the art. 
  3. Then assemble the project and submit it to be displayed and bid on at this year's auction.
  • PTA will reimburse up to $75 for materials (receipts must be submitted).

If you are interested in volunteering or have questions and would like more information, please email Amber Kolln.

Art Room Volunteers Needed!

The Art room needs four volunteers or about four hours a week of help. No experience in art is necessary. You will be cutting paper, prepping projects, loading the kiln, and cleaning supplies. Volunteers are welcome anytime during the day and days and times can be flexible based on your schedule and needs. 

Thank you for your support. Please email Ms. Cissell with questions and/or interest.


Trading Post Coordinator Needed

Help us bring back the Loyal Heights Trading Post, a volunteer-run "book swap" where students can both trade books and take books for free. As coordinator, you'll set-up and run the Trading Post during lunchtime (you choose the day!) with a few other adult volunteers to help the kids make their choices. We already have a large inventory of books to get you started! 

Interested in learning more? Contact us.

Extreme Beaver Reader Challenge Is On!

It's time to take the Extreme Beaver Reader Challenge! Show us how extreme you can be while reading over the break.

Here's what to do:

  1. Have a family member take a photo of you reading a book while doing something "EXTREME" between 12/13 and 1/6! Some great examples from the past: hoverboarding, swimming, canoeing, sledding/skiing, jumping, driving...you get the idea.  
  2. Upload ONE and only one photo to our padlet: https://padlet.com/coletteblangy/yene3rldttubuqqf(Students have the link as a QR code on this week's bookmark.)

At the end of the challenge receive a BOOKWORM for submitting your photo by January 6th.

The padlet closes at the end of the day January 6th. I'll make a poster of the padlet to hang in the library.  Show us how extreme you can carefully get and have fun while reading!

Also from the Library:

Please take care of those library books! I've already had 6 books returned in unusable condition this year and it's only December! Most have been damaged from water damage, pets, or food!  

Start the new year with a clean slate. Please return all library books by January 3rd. I'll be converting all overdue (by more than 30 days) books to LOST in the new year. This will assign fines to students with books out. Once a fine is assigned there are three options: 

  1. The book can be returned. 
  2. The fine can be paid on School Pay.
  3. The book can be replaced with a new hard copy version of the book. 

Thank you!

Mrs. Blangy

Join the Loyal Heights PTA!

It's not too late to join! Through events and fundraising, we are able to help with instructional support of teachers, facility improvements, enrichment programs (such as Science Fair, Student Council, the Arts, Equity Round Table, etc!) and so much more! Membership is only $15, and comes with zero obligations.

Our success depends on our members. If you registered in prior years, you will still need to renew your membership for this school year. Please help us reach this goal while supporting the work and programs the PTA provides all year.


Please contact the membership chair with any questions.

Volunteer at Loyal Heights!

Our school is always looking for volunteers to help with programs, events, and classroom activities running. When volunteers commit to serving at a school, students achieve higher grades, have access to more opportunities, and gain community connections to help them thrive.


IMPORTANT: All returning AND new volunteers for the 2022-2023 school year are required to have an approved Volunteer Application on file.

Returning volunteers: If you plan to volunteer in any capacity during the 2022-2023 school year, please make sure that your Volunteer Application is approved and up to date before you start volunteering.


New volunteers:  All volunteers must complete a Volunteer Application Form online which includes completing an online training video (Adult Sexual Misconduct Prevention Safety), and background check. Instructions for updating and completing Volunteer Applications can be found here.

Please Note: Mr. Steve receives Volunteer Status Updates from the district once a week on Wednesdays. Please make sure that your applications are completed/updated at least 2 weeks before you plan on volunteering. Updates and applications created after Tuesday evenings will not be reviewed until the following Wednesday.


Contact Steve Beaulieu in the office for more information or to confirm your Essential Volunteer status.

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