Loyola University Chicago
Masters of Urban Affairs 
and Public Policy
Issue: # 3
Fall  / 2015

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Applications are still being accepted for Spring 2016

Applications for Fall 2016 are due on February 15, 2016

Greetings from the Director
The start of this year has been a busy time in the Masters of Urban Affairs and Public Policy program at Loyola University Chicago (LUC).
The program is re-locating to the Water Tower Campus, near downtown Chicago. As of this fall, all of our classes are being taught at that site.  This brings our students closer to the geographic center of government agencies and non-profit organizations in the city. 

We are happy to announce that we are adding a  four-class Certificate in Public Affairs and Managemen t Program with the spring 2016  enrollment. This program offers the opportunity for public officials to gain practical skills to further their professional development.

The start of my term as a co-editor of the Urb an Affairs Review journal was last January.  I am seeing a significant amount of the most current academic research on urban issues, spanning multiple disciplines.  I have been calling on several LUC  colleagues to review and contribute articles, and they have helped me considerably! 
We also are very excited to introduce some of our faculty and alumni in this issue. Dr. Kiljoong Kim is an esteemed statistician who is transferring his passion for using data to do good work to our students. Sebastian Ellefson has done incredible things in the six months since he graduated, and we look forward to continue seeing his work in the news. These two represent our program well, but they are only some of our amazing faculty, alumni, and students.
Annette Steinacker, Ph.D.

Sebastian Ellefson
2015 MPP Graduate
In 2014, less than 40% of the eligible popul ation cast a vote in  the general election. Voter turnout is even lo wer during odd-year local elections, when many citizens do n't even know who is running. Enter BallotReady, a n award-winning, free, non-partisan voter guide created by 2015 MUAPP grad Sebastian Ellefson and his team. BallotReady gives every citizen access to the information they need to make conscious, educated decisions in the voting booth.

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Kiljoong Kim, Ph. D.
MUAPP Professor and statistician Kiljoong Kim knows firsthand the power of big data. Throughout his career, he has been lucky enough to never have needed to apply for a job. The world is teeming with data collections but lacks people like Dr. Kim qualified to interpret this data. He has chosen a career devoted to using his skill set to do good work.

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