Block 1: Newsletter
September 11, 2021 - November 20, 2021
Note from the Director:
Thank you to all who participated in Block 1 of the LuHi Arts Academy! We have so enjoyed getting to know your students, it has been a pleasure having them in class, and we hope they enjoyed the enrichment. Please see below our Newsletter Re-cap highlighting our student's accomplishments. We look forward to seeing you in Block 2!

With gratitude,

John T. Rodis
Director of Arts Academy
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Fashion Illustration
Block 1 Recap

Check out some highlights from our class below. For more great photos and updates, be sure to follow us on Facebook.
(9/11/21) Fashion Illustration started off in September with excitement & enthusiasm! Mrs. Tomei’s class got to work right away with initial sketch work to show students how far they will come by the end of the block. Students then learned how to create and use a grid to draw the model’s dimensions accordingly. This helps later on when drawing and creating garment pieces come into play.
(9/18/21) Day 2 of Fashion Illustration at the LuHi Arts Academy! Students started class with a lesson from the instructor, Mrs. Tomei, on properly navigating drawing gestures, posture, and positions of the fashion models they are studying.
(9/25/21) Day 3 of Fashion Illustration at the LuHi Arts Academy! Students worked on drawing models' facial features while utilizing their sketch grid for proper placement. Be sure to tune in next week to see Mrs. Tomei's lesson on drawing garments!

(10/2/21) Welcome to Day 4 of Fashion Illustration at the LuHi Arts Academy! In today’s session, students applied what they have learned so far to work on an illustration of a garment with color!
(10/16/21) Fashion Illustration Day 5: Students worked on outlining their model’s fashion garments this week in preparation for next week’s class, where they will be exploring using pastels to give their drawings texture and a pop of color!

(10/22/21) Day 6 of Fashion Illustration at the LuHi Arts Academy! Students got into the fall spirit with unique Halloween fashion! The class picked out their own design and worked on creating these festive looks during today’s course.

(10/30/21) Day 7 of Fashion Illustration at the LuHi Arts Academy - Students completed their Halloween Fashion looks and applied watercolor to bring their creations to life!

(11/6/21) Day 8 of Fashion Illustration at the LuHi Arts Academy - Students worked with watercolor to complete their fashion looks. The final pieces are an excellent representation of how far each student has come since the beginning of the course. Great job, students!

(11/13/21) Day 9 of Fashion Illustration at the LuHi Arts Academy - Students worked on finalizing some of their designs in preparation for the class finale next week. Students explored using pastels to create a textured look in fashion fabric with this project. It is great to see the class's progression and how students build on their learned skills to develop these great art pieces!
(11/20/21) Day 10 of Fashion Illustration at the LuHi Arts Academy! Students worked on completing their fashion looks to complete their portfolios. Thank you to all students who participated in Block 1; you are a talented group of artists who have worked diligently on increasing your skill during these last ten weeks. We hope to see you in January for Block 2 of Fashion Illustration!

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Block 2: Enrollment Reminder
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