March 2020

ASuperior customer service is like finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

It's not just luck - 71% percent of clients will end a business relationship because of poor phone etiquette and 70-80% of callers will hang up without leaving a voicemail if call is not answered.

Don’t allow your business to fall into these statistics. ASuperior Contact Center is here to support you and your team helping your business to provide ASuperior customer service experience every time, leaving you wanting to do your own Riverdance. 

ASuperior Contact Center is here to support you and your team. If you have any questions about services we offer, we'd love to connect! Email or call us at 1.800.344.6470 .

Cust omize Your Customer's Experience
Give us basic FAQs to assist your callers.
You probably know the most commonly asked questions for your business. Empower our receptionists to provide ASuperior service by giving us answers to your FAQs. Examples include:
• Do you give free estimates or consultations?
• Do you have after-hours service fees?
• Do we need directions to your office or landmarks near your location?
• Are you running ads or specials that we need to be aware of?
• How can your clients pay their bill? Mail, online, dropbox, ACH?

Customize your callers’ experience.
Different types of calls require different information. Use our standard call flow or create your own. We can incorporate access to appointment scheduling software, google documents or spreadsheets; we can even access a customer database so we have caller’s information at our fingertips. Planning a well-researched call flow gives our receptionists the advantage of assisting your clients with ease. 
Customer Service 101

If you’re going to consistently deliver exceptional customer service, you need to have standards. So as as consultant on a customer experience overhaul initiative or even a more modest customer service refresher.

There is one area in particular where my recommendations have evolved over time, and that’s language. Today’s customers prefer what could be called an authentic style of customer service.
Holiday Hours - Office Closed?

Are you closed for Good Friday? Easter? Will you be closed for a Spring Break?

Let us know of any changes in your schedule, so we may inform and serve you and your clients effectively.
Industry News

Personalized experiences are a hot topic these days. Certain types of businesses have become very skilled at delivering personalized service. Think about a hotel you’ve stayed at before that welcomes you back and remembers that you liked a certain type of pillow, a specific newspaper and a corner room. The experience is becoming more and more common, and this type of service is crossing over into many other industries, especially retail.

As businesses grow, there are important considerations to be made around costs and how to grow the company. At the corporate level, the software industry has consistently grown over the past two decades.

When deciding what kind of software to implement, it is helpful to work backwards and identify what problems or challenges you currently face. Once these are identified, you can find software solutions that help solve specific problems. This process is part of a business-growth roadmap and is critical to scaling. 

Our clients are important to us, we love connecting on social media and being apart of their lives. We keep our social media channels up-to-date so you are always informed with the latest updates.

Not only do we share news about ASuperior Contact Center on our social media, but we also share business and communication tips. Come join in on the conversation!