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Our Youth Evangelistic camps have been in full swing since January 22nd. God continues to give us opportunities to reach out to the youth population of this growing Mega City. One of our targets for camp is to reach out to local high schools of which we have a connection inside, such as a teacher, administrator or principal and also one in which we have students attending one of our services or outreach programs including Student Centers, Small Groups, Workshops, etc.  The camp opportunity allows us to reach further  inside these various high schools.   


In February we had a great breakthrough with a local school, about 1.5 miles away from CBC Pasig, our main Campus Church location. This High School, called Pinagbuhatan (Pee-Nag-Bu-Hat-tan) High School, has a student body population of 4,000 and only 120 teachers to handle that load.    


This school has sent students to our youth camps in the past but has never allowed us to baptize the students. This year they did, not only did we see 233 students publicly display their faith through water baptism we had a total 978 personally decide to start a relationship with Jesus Christ through Salvation. God is doing amazing things.
These are pictures from the stage of a follow up event we held at their school February 14th. It was packed, and this picture doesn't show all the students along the side and all 4 stories up. With your support we are reaching this High School. 
We have been granted access by the principle to hold Moral Value Seminars every week through the end of the school year. As you can imagine we are using the Bible as our basis for all moral values. We are starting new small groups and we are continuing one-on-one discipleship. We are starting new workshops to draw the students into our circles as to influence them positively through our leadership and Biblical principles.  
Continue to pray for Pinagbuhatan High School, and other high schools as we plant churches to change this sprawling urban mega-city. 

Luke & Kelly Lyons

Missionaries to Metro Manila, Philippines

 To give you a little more insight to the life of a missionary here in Metro Manila, Philippines ~

In January our telephone line and internet died unexpectedly. This can be a major hindrance with trying to stay connected with all our different ministries and communication with the rest of the world.  After following up with the phone company almost half a dozen calls and being told that my concern and request for repair would be "rushed" and "endorsed to a Supervisor" 


I finally had to speak with a supervisor. This supervisor informed me that the reason we lost phone and internet service was because a group had gone out and stolen the lines. This is not uncommon here in Metro Manila. The street value on high quality copper, which can be bought and sold at a local junk shop, is quite high. What really took me by surprise was how much they stole. The supervisor told me that these thieves had stolen a main line from under a bridge; the full length of the bridge. This was quite a feat, the bridges here are about 10-15 car length. Someone made a 'pretty penny' that day.   


Thankfully they were able to repair it after a month of no service and we are back online! We can now agree with the Philippine Department of Tourism's Slogan "It's More Fun In The Philippines". 



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