Gold Star Family Day is September 30th.
Saturday, April 7, 2018
Dear Marine Families,

The mission of the Gold Star Luminary Initiative is to promote awareness of Gold Star Family Day, and urge organizations and individuals in communities throughout the United States to light luminaries at dusk on the last Sunday of each September in honor of our fallen heroes.

Thank you for opening this newsletter today. View the rest of our article to learn how you can support Gold Star Families and participate in the Luminary Initiative.

God Bless and Semper Fi,
Tracy Della Vecchia
Founder & Executive Director, Inc.
For the Families of our Fallen Heroes

"Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one's life for one's friends." 
—John 15:13 (NIV)

It could be argued that an even greater love does exist; that of a parent for their child. Tragically, in the last decade, almost 7,000 families have been forced to deal with the utterly devastating heartbreak that accompanies that love as their children laid down their lives for their country.

Most of us have not experienced this tragedy. Most of us never will. We can't relate personally or begin to imagine what that must be like. What we can do, however, is honor and recognize these families. We can thank them for the sacrifices they and their children have made on our behalf. We can let them know that, no matter what, we support and stand behind them as a country and that, if even just for a day, their burden is our burden too.
Take the Pledge

Show your support and take the pledge. Complete our online form TODAY, then mark your calendar for the last Sunday in September every year to light a luminary for Gold Star families.

Last year there were 1,017 pledges taken, and there were 4,690 participants who lit luminaries on Gold Star Family Day.

We urge everyone to spread the word of the Luminary Initiative in order to maximize the support for Gold Star Family Day.
Luminary Initiative Events

You can choose to participate in the Gold Star Luminary Initiative as an individual, you can invite friends, neighbors, and coworkers to be involved, or you can host an event on a community-wide scale. Church groups, book clubs, and student clubs are great ways to spread the word about your event.
Purchase a Luminary

We offer pre-made fire-resistant bags in the EGA Shop. We also have fallen hero lapel pins, garden flags, and additional products to help you show your support for Gold Star Family Day.

After purchasing your luminary, light it at dusk and place at the end of your driveway on Gold Star Family Day to show your support for the sacrifices our fallen heroes and their family members have made on our behalf. If you are using wax candles in your luminary, please ensure that the luminary is a safe distance from any dry grass or flammable materials*.

 *We recommend using electronic candles when using non-fire-resistant bags or after adding decorations that are not fire resistant.
The Luminary Initiative is an outreach program of, Inc.