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November 2011



 Gratitude takes Time


Most nights we pause before eating dinner to name our gratitude.  Last night was going to be a challenge for Soren, I could tell.  He was in a surly mood already, and the broccoli in front of him didn't help things any.  

We worked our way around the table, coming to him last: 

"Anything you are grateful for today?" I asked.  Silence. "Anything good happen at school?"  Silence.  "How about your play date with Adam?"  More silence. By then I was getting angry because my food was getting cold.  I was steamed, but my broccoli had cooled off.


There is an adult version of this gratitude deficit disorder.  To be a good model, I always say something in this pre-dinner ritual.  But on some evenings I rattle off something without thought or feeling so we can get to the food while it is warm. If I say I am grateful for the nice day when I'm really not, is that gratitude?  I might as well be silent.


On the other hand, sometimes it just takes a little time.  If I am willing to spend another minute or two reflecting on the day, I can usually find some good thing I had already forgotten. 


All of this has me thinking that "saying grace" might work better in our family if we gave thanks over dinner, rather than rushing through it before dinner.


Sometimes it takes a few moments to count your blessings.

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A Wisdom Story from the Field

Twelve women from the United Church of Christ Santa Barbara, CA, gathered together at St. Mary's Retreat House, November 4-6, 2011.  After a year of planning, the women left behind the cares of the busy world and "treated" themselves to a time of quiet and reflection in a safe sacred space.  They connected their stores with God's story and discerned ways to respond to life's complexities using a lens of wisdom and faith.


Here are some pictures from a recent Women's Retreat in California:


Retreat leaders, Myrna Tuttle & Betsy Perry, holding the "Tie Quilt" representing Women's Wisdom Stories.



12 UCC women surround by God's beauty in the Santa Ynez mountains of Santa Barbara, CA.  


A Tribute to Susan Fischer
We are sad to announce the passing of our beloved friend and Board member, Susan Fischer of New York City. Susan was one of those wonderful board members who was exceptionally fluent whether speaking about the mission of Lumunos or the budgets, spreadsheets, and cash flow reports required to propel the ministry forward. She invested deeply in the relationships and purpose of Lumunos. Susan made us a better organization. The gifts she shared with Lumunos in her 16 years on the board are like "Loaves and Fishes" multiplied and shared with countless others.
You may watch a video (here) of an interview Susan gave for the HealthCare Chaplaincy Oral History Project.
Wisdom for the Sages

YOUNG@HEART:  An Interview With Bob Cilman
YOUNG@HEART: An Interview
With Bob Cilman
"The riders in a race do not stop short when they reach the goal. There is a little finishing canter before coming to a standstill. There is time to hear the kind voice of friends and to say to one's self: "The work is done." 
~ Oliver Wendell Holmes
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Mary Chapin Carpenter - Thanksgiving Song (with Lyrics)
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