Please don't be afraid she said step out into the light!
Dear Friends, we hope that you are feeling renewed in this New Year!  We start the year with the powerful bang of a Aquarius Solar Eclipse in February coinciding with the Winter Olympics in South Korea.   
As a precursor to that, this week we have a Lunar Eclipse on January 31, along with the Full Moon, impacting the same signs as the upcoming Solar Eclipse (Leo & Aquarius).   This Lunar Eclipse is the focus of this newsletter and the next will focus on the Solar Eclipse.  
Also, for everyone born from roughly 1956 to mid-1971 with the planet Neptune in Scorpio, we write about Jupiter's transit of Scorpio as this is an important transit on your unfolding spiritual journey through life.  
Thank you for sharing the journey with us and may you move in harmony with the Sun, Moon & Stars!
Wolfram & Sappho!  
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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

Everyone Is Raving About This Full Moon
You might be seeing a lot written up about this Full Moon being a Blue Moon, a Super Moon, a Blood Moon and a Lunar Eclipse. Let's take this one by one.  
Blue Moon - The term 'once in a blue moon' refers to something that does not happen with great frequency. Such is the case of this Full Moon as it is the second Full Moon in the calendar month of January, which is the definition of a Blue Moon: the second Full Moon in a calendar month. They do not occur that often.  It is further interesting and fun to note that, as a result, there will be no Full Moon in February and we will have another Blue Moon later this year.
While these are fun facts, they do not hold astrological significance because the Full Moon is unaware of this 'calendar' created here on earth that is broken up into months based on the whims of the Roman Emperors.  
Blood Moon - Likewise, the term Blood Moon refers to the coloring of the moon, which is a natural part of a Lunar Eclipse where the coloration of the Moon might change depending on when and where you view it based on the reflections of light on the Moon. This is also not astrologically significant to this Full Moon.  
Super Moon - The Moon's orbit around the earth is not perfectly circular, but is elliptical and this Full Moon is occurring at a time in this elliptical orbit when the Moon is actually closer to the Earth and, as a result, it appears larger in the sky than at other times.  The  astrological impact is one of intensification of experience because the Moon is both moving faster and is closer to us.  This Full Moon is saying 'pay attention'!
Lunar Eclipse - But, what is most special about this Full Moon is that it is also a Lunar Eclipse and this Lunar Eclipse will occur just 2 weeks prior to the big Solar Eclipse in February occurring in the same signs as that Solar Eclipse. This will truly enliven and energize your personal expression of the signs of Leo and Aquarius. That is what we want to explore today.
Who is impacted?
Everyone is impacted by house. What that means is, this Lunar Eclipse occurs at 11 degrees of Leo and Aquarius and that these signs and degree will fall into a particular house of your personal birth chart. In this way, we are each impacted.  
This Leo Full Moon at 11 degrees means the Moon is at 11 degrees of Leo and the Sun at 11 degrees of Aquarius. Look at your birth chart and, if we provided you with the chart, the inner most ring will contain numbers increasing counter clockwise from 1 to 12.  Identify where 11 degrees of Leo is positioned in your chart to identify the house that will be impacted by this Lunar Eclipse.
If you happen to have planets or chart angles at this degree, the impact of this Lunar Eclipse will be felt more strongly and through the additional filter and lens of the planets it is directly impacting.
Interplay Between The Lunar & Solar Eclipse:
  • Some of you may little impact by this Lunar Eclipse, but you will have planets or chart angles impacted by the upcoming Solar Eclipse.
  • For others, you might have greater impact from the Lunar Eclipse than the Solar Eclipse.
  • Yet for others there is the potential that no planets or chart angles are impacted by either and the only influence will be in terms of the houses where this occurs.
Like everything with astrology, understanding your personal, direct impact is essential. You can read material all day on-line or in computer generated reports, but that does not speak to how you, personally are impacted. If you are not fluent in the language of astrology, you might want to contact an astrologer to deepen your understanding.   Here is a link to the forecast readings that we provide. 
Lunar Eclipse Full Moon at 11 Degrees of Leo
The first Lunar Eclipse of 2018 is on January 31 on the Leo Full Moon at 11 degrees of Leo (with the Sun at 11 Aquarius and Venus conjunct the Sun).  First, let's explore the Sabian Symbols for these astrological degrees for additional insight into the potential for this Lunar Eclipse.
Moon's Sabian Symbol:  
"An evening party of adults on  
a lawn illuminated by fancy lanterns".   
Yeah!  We get to lighten up - it's a Party!  Be sure to read the rest of this article with a smile on your face and joy in your heart!!!!   Passion and fun!   
Why do we gather? We gather to celebrate a shared connection of our joy and inspiration. You can already feel the pull of the polarity of the opposing sign of Aquarius representing kindred spirits. Gathering with like-minded others on a similar journey through life is the most fulfilling and rewarding!   
Here we also feel the energy of the creative expression of Leo via the fancy lanterns.  What sparks your creative fire?   
Illumination.  What illuminates your soul?  How do you shine?
Know Thyself & Shine! 
Sun's Sabian Symbol:
"On a vast staircase stand  
people of different types,  
graduated upward".  
Across life, people have a diverse range of interests and experiences. It is natural to expect that individuals on different parts of the staircase will be interested in celebrating and sharing different things. Do you know where you most strongly resonate? At that place where you most strongly resonate, take note of those who are traveling the same part of the path that you are. Looking further along the path, take note of those who have climbed further than you and cast their loving glances your way.
If you have had a birth chart reading with Wolfram, he will have shared his interpretation of soul's journey from The Walled City to the Mountain of Spirituality with you.  The concepts in that expression are what we are speaking of here.
If you are reading this newsletter,  you are exploring topics like astrology and spirituality.  Imagine getting together with family, with your siblings, cousins, aunts and uncles and it is my guess that astrology and spirituality won't likely come up as a topic of conversation.  
This Lunar Eclipse and its two Sabian Symbols  
are energizing  
"your evening lawn party".  
Think about who is near you on the  
"staircase of life".  
Imagine who you would invite and what topics might spark the conversation that gets buzzing, like bees buzzing around the honey in the bee hive.  
Deepening this theme of friendship is Venus in Aquarius conjunct the Sun for this Lunar Eclipse bringing all things joyful to relationships. What is the vulnerable, unclothed side of your nature that you feel comfortable or are ready to bring forth. In Botticelli's 'Birth of Venus' painting, Venus is shown naked, born of sea foam from the ocean and attendants at the shore are waiting to cloak here in lovely robes (as often happens on this physical plane). Consider the cloaks you wear and what they might be hiding or repressing about your true nature because life has said "this must be hidden".  
Each Lunar Eclipse is designed to energize awareness of the signs occupied by the Sun and Moon.  With the Sun in Aquarius and the Moon in Leo, this eclipse is seeking to energize and inspire both confidence in yourself and the joy and passion that comes from interacting with Kindred Spirits.  
When you are you're your Kindred Spirits, you have full permission to be fully who you are!  As Kahlil Gibran wrote in his masterpiece, The Prophet, on friendship:
"When your friend speaks his mind  
you fear not the "nay" in your own mind,  
nor do you withhold the "ay".  
And let there be no purpose in friendship  
save the deepening of the spirit.
And in the sweetness of friendship  
let there be laughter and sharing of pleasures."
Take advantage of the energy of this Lunar Eclipse.   Eclipses occur in cycles.  Since eclipses follow the Moon's North and South Nodes and follow roughly a 19 year cycle, Lunar or Solar eclipses have not hit near these degrees in Leo and Aquarius since 2009.  You can always benefit from considering back to what occurred in your life at that time.   
Have fun! Reach out to the friends that share your passions and inspire you. Let there be both laughter and the deepening of the spirit!  
This theme will be exploded by the upcoming Solar Eclipse so bask in the cool moonlight and reflect on the awareness that arises in preparation!
The Neptune In Scorpio Generation
Anyone born roughly between 1956 and mid-1971

Neptune is the archetype that represents oneness that which is eternal and timeless in us. The universal truth held within our consciousness that enters this world with us. But, alas, we enter as an infant, dependent on others to keep us alive. This is how the veil of self gets pulled over us, causing separation from our universal truth, and it is of this veil that we, as children, form our identity around.
Neptune represents both the veil and our timeless nature. Neptune creates fog, lack of clarity. This fog can block us from seeing the truth of who we are.  For example, in the mist of early morning, we see a rope and are riddled with fear because we think we see a snake.
For spiritually focused individuals, our unfolding journey involves periods of struggle to remove the veil so that we can see clearly.  This veil can cause us only to see and experience only our childhood programming, our past karmas, our limiting beliefs and causes us to experience pain and suffering. Hence, we struggle to rid ourselves of it and it is not easy.
For anyone born from 1956 to mid-1971, this is one of those times where there is a heightened awareness of the veil and any pains it might be holding within.
From roughly 1956 to mid-1971, Neptune moved through the sign of Scorpio. Each individual born during this time has the planet Neptune in the sign of Scorpio. This becomes a generational transit as do all transits of the outer planets that move so slowly. They form waves of energy that impact the lives of all individuals born for large swaths of time all across our gorgeous planet Earth!  For the Neptune in Scorpio generation, spirituality is deep and so are emotions.  These emotions can often get stuck, bottled up and feel like wounding in the unconscious mind.
Persons with Neptune in Scorpio look to penetrate the depths of their soul and there can be a tendency toward the dark or critical examination of life and things can get heavy.  Enter Jupiter and his optimism!    
Since the end of 2017 and, until the end of 2018, Jupiter is transiting the sign of Scorpio. Jupiter provides optimism, expansion and a vision for the future.  To Neptune in Scorpio, he says it is time to step into the clear light of love cast by your divine nature!
Jupiter has a rich archetype and he is often referred to as the Guru planet. Gu means 'from darkness' and Ru means 'one who removes'.  Guru means a guide who can direct a soul out of the darkness and toward the light. We each hold the most important Guru of all within us and this transits reminds us of that. 
For anyone with Neptune in Scorpio who is spiritually oriented, moving from darkness to light is a lifetime quest. Jupiter is here providing an opportunity to cut through the fog and discover our timeless nature and enhancing our ability to live life from the seat of the observer, the seer.
Transiting Jupiter Conjunct Natal Neptune 
From Oct 2017 to early November 2018, transiting Jupiter in Scorpio will move over every degree of the sign of Scorpio. Hence, for all individuals born from 1956 to mid-1971, during this period you will experience Jupiter conjunct Scorpio and this time of the potential for deep healing of old wounds that no longer serve.
This transit occurs every 12 years for each person in this group. Since all in this group are older than 46, we are all experiencing our 3rd, 4th or 5th transit of Jupiter through Scorpio.   
Some may have already done the deep healing and can share their gifts with others at this time or continue to expand their consciousness.  This is a great time to join with others on a similar quest and to heal deep wounds and misconceptions.  Others are just beginning the process, but all of will likely feel impacts from this transit. 
The intensity of the potentials for healing grow over time as awareness of Self grows on our unfolding journey!
Here are dates and degrees:
Jupiter will travel direct  
until Mar 9, 2018,  
when he goes retrograde  
at 23 Scorpio
By this time,  
most everyone  
in this group  
will have been  
impacted once.
Jupiter will travel retrograde  
until Jul 9, 2018, all the way  
back to 13 Scorpio.
This will be the  
second pass for  
each person.
Jupiter will then travel direct  
until he leaves Scorpio  
in early November 2018
The final pass for 12 years
If your Neptune is between 8 Scorpio and 29 Scorpio, you will experience this transit three times in the coming year. If your Neptune is earlier than 8 degrees of Scorpio, you likely already had this transit and will not re-experience it.

It is important to remember, that what is most important with this transit is to know how your chart is specifically impacted.  For example, some of you will experience this transit at the same time as your Second Saturn Return, or just after, or right before (those from 1957 to 1959) adding an additional twist!

That really puts the cycles of astrological transits into focus in a real and tangible way and we will continue this important discussion over the course of the year!

Please Share

We are all in this together, if you want to write us and share a sentence of two that sum up what you are feeling at this time, we would like to compile those experiences to share in our next newsletter as it can be so helpful to know that we are not alone on this journey!

Las Vegas!

We did not envision the next chapter of our life unfolding in the desert, but the desert is where we find ourselves loving our life!
Both Wolfram and Sappho have very supportive energies here and each are supported by energies of both the Sun and Jupiter in primary mapping systems of Astrocartography and Geodetics.    
We lived on these same energies from 1991 to 1994 when we lived in Los Angles, ages before astrology was an integrated part of our world. 
As many of you may have discovered in astrological readings, energies present in Southern California can also still be in orb and present in Las Vegas.  Why is that? 
As the crow flies, Las Vegas is separated by 228 miles.  Additionally, Las Vegas and is about 189 miles east of Los Angeles and about 150 east of San Diego.  Wolfram views the orb of locational energies in primary maps to be 250 miles east and west of a 'line' and hence there is often a lovely overlapping of energies.  
Such is the case for us and, while our energies are a bit stronger in Los Angeles, they are still fully present here in Las Vegas!    
Las Vegas is uniquely situation between Phoenix and Los Angeles.  So, the same is true for those of you with very supportive energies in Phoenix, you may find that they are still felt and present in Las Vegas. 
What is the purpose of writing this?
In astrology of location, energies cross and overlap and blend from California to Florida and across the ocean and around the globe.  The art of astrology of location is managing this overlap and blending the energies to your greatest advantage, while attempting to honor your goals and preferences, which is something that Wolfram is very skilled at doing.
Many of you have astrology of location readings and can't imagine yourselves living in the locations where you have great energies.   
Some are surprised that we selected this location and are enjoying our life in Las Vegas. 
This is simply to say, keep an open mind because you just never know how you might feel!  
We plan to write more about astrology of location in each newsletter and have lots of great topics in the queue!   Next Month:  The collective Pain Body.