It's 2015! It's a new year! Hope yours is starting off well! I ended 2014 with lots of holiday fun: tree cutting , crafts, and candy! But now it is time for me to get back to work. Yes, I'm finally seriously writing the other companion book to Where the Mountain Meets the Moon (hopefully you know the first companion book, Starry River of the Sky). It's been in the works for ages, and if all goes well the new book (tentative title is "Needle at Sea Bottom" but will probably change) will be out in Fall 2016!

However, for it to go well, I really have to focus! So this new year brings about some new changes. I've actually stopped all social media except for this newsletter so that I can ensure the book will be done. And I've changed this newsletter up a little too--have you noticed the redesign? Also, it will probably only come out every 3-4 months now, instead of monthly.  I'll miss you!

But, please know how honored I am that you have been a part  of my book journey and how I hope you continue, even if it is a little less eventful!

Happy Lunar New Year!

February 19th is Lunar New Year!
interior of Bringing in the New Year

Lunar New Year is next week, on February 19th! Are you ready to celebrate? Here's a little primer on the holiday that I wrote a while back when it was the Year of the Tiger. But this year is the Year of the Sheep so....

Q. What does it mean when it's the Year of the Sheep?

In my book, The Year of the Rat, there is the story of the 12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac, which tells of the great race of the animals to win the the honor of a year named after them. The winning animals had their own characteristics as you can tell by how they they competed.

The sheep joined the monkey and the rooster to build a raft and crossed the river in that way. So the sheep is a good team player and works well with others. In general, those born in the Year of the Sheep are kind-hearted, gentle and wise.

With this in mind, the Year of the Sheep should not be a tumultuous year. It is a year to concentrate on friends and family and to enjoy what you like to do best!
Don't Forget to Tell Me a Story!

I loved writing all the silly stories in this book and I hope it inspires YOU to write some silly stories, too!

If you do write a silly story (whether you used the Ling & Ting Story Starters  or just something silly that happened to you), don't forget that  I would love to see it!

And if you share your story, you will receive a free Ling & Ting print ( see the print HERE ) in the mail!  One random storyteller, will also get a Pocket Pacy.  More details HERE!
Child at Heart Gallery is back!
For those of you looking for larger format, archival prints that I do not offer on my etsy shop, I'm happy to announce that my good friends at the Child at Heart Gallery are back in business after a long hiatus. Welcome them back and take a look!
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double 8 sneak peak

Like I said earlier, I'm hard at work on my new novel!  Because the number 8 is lucky in Chinese (it's a homonym for the word posperity), I thought I'd give you a double lucky 8 sneak peak! So, here's the 8th paragraph on the 8th page of my work-in-progress-new-novel:

Pinmei's eyes opened more from the urgency in Amah's voice than the shaking of her shoulders. In the blackness of the room, Amah's face seemed just a thin sliver above her, like the moon on her last night. Before she could even open her mouth, Pinmei felt Amah pulling her out of bed with surprising force." Come quickly!"


An Author You Don't Want to Miss!
Meet Janet Wong

This month, I'm please to introduce (or reintroduce) 
me and Janet, last year
the fantastic speaker, author, poet and publisherJanet Wong.  Janet and I have had a long and lovely friendship, in fact, i credit her for helping me finish Where the Mountain Meets the Moon

While Janet has numerous titles to her credit, considering that Lunar New Year is next week, I think you may be most interested in her awesome tri-lingual editions of This Next New Year. Yes, I said tri-lingual! The book is available in Chinese-English  (with pinyin!) AND Korean-English AND, of course, just plain English.

Regardless of what language it is, however, it is definitely a Lunar New Year classic! Don't miss it!

In the meantime, here is my silly 6 question comparison game interview with Janet! Enjoy!

1.   What color would
This Next New Year
you be?
Black, like most of the clothes I wear. When you glance at black, it's "just black"-but take another look and you might see green-black, blue-black, purple-black, and more. I want you to look more carefully.

2.   What kind of flower or vegetable would you be?
When my son was in 4th grade, he said I was a venus fly trap ("one wrong move, and-SNAP!"); he thinks I'm a Tiger Mom but he has NO idea of what real Tiger Moms are like! Sticking with the carnivorous theme (as I do love salami), I'd be more like a pitcher plant-open to what comes my way and, OK, yes, ready to digest it.

3.   What season would you be?
Summer, with long days for getting more done: more reading, more writing, more relaxing, and definitely more eating berries and cherries. Summer tries to make the most of every minute of light.

4.   What eating utensil would you be?
A ceramic Chinese soup spoon submerged headlong into a bowl of wonton noodle soup and only resurfacing when every drop is gone.

5.   What mythical animal would you be?
Myra Cohn Livingston, my poetry mentor, wrote about the Amphisbaena in Eric Carle's DRAGONS DRAGONS & other creatures that never were, compiled by Laura Whipple (Philomel, 1991). Here's an excerpt from her poem:

from "The Amphisbaena"
by Myra Cohn Livingston
. . .
    such a sight I've never seen, a
    head to play, a
    head to rest, a
head for looking east and west!
    How peculiar, never knowing
    What direction you are going!
. . .

6.   What classic children's book would you be?
I'd love to be a recent new classic called Where the Mountain Meets the Moon!

See you next time!
yoga with toddler
yoga with toddler!
That's all for this newsletter!

I'll be back in the spring, but in the meantime I thought I'd leave you with this little video to give you a laugh.  It's the only way I get to do any exercise (or pretty much anything) these days!

Hope you have a great Lunar New Year! Thanks so much for being a part of my author life!  See you soon!

Best Wishes,
Grace Lin

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