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We are excited that you registered to join us for the virtual Lunch and Learn on April 20.

During the session earlier this week, doctors Tricia Zucker and Keisey Fumero presented on the importance of family engagement to foster connections between families and educators. They also covered research on supporting culturally and linguistically diverse families as well as ways to empower families.

If you missed part of their presentation or all of it, you can use the button below to watch a recording of the entire session.
Free resources you can use for engaging families

In our short time together, we tried to share strategies that have been shown to positively impact partnerships between schools and families. For more information and specific resources, please refer to the below listed links and buttons.

Explore the family engagement toolkit and find resources for your program!
Share the address with families for free access to a variety of hands-on activities that provide playful learning experiences for their children. The collection includes activities in English and Spanish that can be searched by learning domain to support learning in school.

Play and Learning Strategies (PALS) is a research-based program that helps parents support their children’s social-emotional, cognitive, and language skills. PALS Spotlights, short video-based parent trainings, highlight key concepts from the PALS program that will help parents interact with their young children in responsive, stimulating ways that support positive development.
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You can also use the Help tab, located at the top of each CLI Engage page, to reach a member of our support team for assistance with online resources.
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