Luscious Lashes Looking Good!
This pre-matched kit provides everything you need to make an awesome presentation for your current and prospective customers. We provide you with all of your packaging needs: This kit makes 10 complete gift packages.
Luscious Lashes Kit
  • Makes 10 Complete Bags
  • Dot Print or Clear in 5 x 11
  • 1.5" Chiffon Ribbon for Bows
  • Mesh Ribbon for tying
  • Eyes
  • Bling (for product top)
  • Shred
  • 10 clear bags (for cotton balls--/pads or disposables, etc.*)

*sold separately

Supplies limited -
don't blink or they'll be gone
Be creative with your kit - lashes, skincare, candles, disposables, lotions, makeup, gifts, and food, etc. - all of our bags are food safe!
How do you bling?
Take your glass/plastic jars for your parties and bling them out for your disposables and other supplies inside.

Bling Glue-on Squares to glam up anything you want to show off. Cute on frames, mirrors, containers - anything that's needs a little bling!
Silver, Turquoise, Gold & Red.
Take 10% Off These Staff Picks
Gift Cards - 10% Off. Keep promoting and helping others right now. Give out brochures with samples, gifts and discounts. Fill your bags with products to make people feel pretty and cared for. Thoughtfulness goes a long way!
Organza Bags with Glitter Dots
10% Off

4" x 5" Organza Bags with Glitter Dots. Cute little drawstring bags for medium sized gift or product items like nail polish, purse mirrors, lipsticks, etc. 100% sheer nylon bags. Pink, red or white .
3" x 5" Self Sealing Assorted Bags
10% Off

Awesome DEAL!  That's 50 bags that have 5 different designs in the same size. This size is nice for giveaways with your business card inside. They are a little wider than our biz card size self sealing bags but are the same height (length). The bags are flat - not gusseted.
Sample Supply Combo Pack
10% Off

This Sample Supply Combo is perfect for beauty classes and facials. 50 disposable applicators of each type in one package. Sponge Tip Eye Shadow Applicators, Mascara Wands and Spatulas. Throw away when class is over!
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