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Luther Studies:
Luther's Road to Reformation

After some years in preparation, we are now approaching the anniversary year of 2017 and the final installment of our monthly series, commencing now in September and concluding in May. In this series we will trace the steps Luther took from the famous posting of the 95 Theses through the controversies which followed up to and concluding with his burning of the papal bull. Most of these texts can be found in Luther's Works, Volume 31, but we will post the reading after the introduction as we have been doing. During this month we invite you to begin with the bare-boned text of the 95 Theses, followed by Luther's late in life recollection of the controversy from his 1545 preface to the publication of his Latin writings. 

November's Reading:

by: Martin Luther
Introduced by: Dr. Paul R. Hinlicky

The reading is also available online at

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