Volume 14 | Number 04
Luvk9s April monthly newsletter
Spring is upon us - as is pollen season here in the south. Many of us suffer from pollen allergies this time of year, but what about our dogs? Can they be affected by pollen as well? The answer is yes, but their symptoms tend to be different from ours. While humans start sneezing and end up with a runny nose, itchy watery eyes and swollen eyelids, in dogs it usually affects their skin. Certain breeds also seem to be more sensitive to pollen than other breeds.

Click here to read more how to identify a pollen allergy and what to do about it.
Enrichment activity - game #9
Photos provided by Doris Dressler
This month's enrichment activity is the KONG WOBBLER. The top of the unit screws off for easy filling. Load up the wobbler with your dog's regular food and watch the fun begin! Your dog will quickly figure out that pushing and rolling the toy around results in kibble falling out.

This is a great way to extend mealtime and have your dog eat slower. This toy is great for dogs of all ages and keeps your dog mentally engaged. And best of all, it's dishwasher safe. This toy is available on Amazon and Chewy and can be found in most pet stores.
Walking nicely on leash
Loose leash walking
Canadian-American chemist and author O.A. Battista once observed that “a dog is one of the remaining reasons why some people can be persuaded to go for a walk.” Unfortunately, many owners find walking their dog to be a nightmare. Dogs walk faster than we do and in their exuberance of being outdoors often yank and pull on the leash.

Dogs are bred to do the very things that can frustrate us on walks. Scent hounds were bred to locate game using their nose which explains why beagles typically walk with their noses glued to the ground. Retrievers were bred to retrieve game for hunters, so you will often find them searching for something to pick up and carry on their walk. Terriers were bred to chase prey which is why they can’t resist lunging after a squirrel.
It’s easy to forget that dogs are not born knowing how to walk nicely on a leash; dogs need to be taught this skill.

So how do you teach your dog to walk nicely on leash? 

Upcoming educational opportunities
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Friday classes in Ball Ground starting May 6
AKC STAR PUPPY class starts at 9 AM
Basic obedience class starts at 11 AM

Saturday classes in Ball Ground starting May 7
AKC STAR PUPPY class starts at 9 AM
Basic obedience class starts at 11 AM

Luvk9s also offers private, in-home consultations
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Contact us at 770-910-0423 for more information. This is a great follow-up class to take if you've completed a basic obedience class and are looking for additional training.