Volume 12 | Number 4
Luvk9s April monthly newsletter
As sheltering in place becomes our new normal, we’re discovering that it’s a bigger challenge than we ever imagined it would be. Many of us are feeling restless and bored – or on the flip side, overwhelmed working and home-schooling children from home. With all the adjustments we’ve made to our daily routines, our dogs may be lacking the daily physical and mental stimulation they need.
To that end, we’re going to provide you with some “boredom buster” ideas, some of which the entire family can join in on! We’ll also be posting a daily “boredom buster” challenge on our Facebook page . Today's game/challenge is the "tennis ball muffin tin game." Check in and join in!


Crating can be fun and games
Image by Cindy Bilbo
Crates are commonly used to house train puppies and to help manage unwanted behaviors.  
But the crate can also be used to play games and in the process, teach your dog to love his crate.
The games described in this article were developed by well-known dog trainer Susan Garrett.
Separation anxiety - How to prevent when quarantining is over
Image by freepik
Most of us are not normally home 24/7 but with the pandemic, that has changed. Our dogs, who were used to being left alone for periods of time, are now getting used to us being around 24/7.

Trainers and behaviorists are concerned that once things get back to normal, some dogs may end up developing separation anxiety.

To keep this from happening, dog experts are suggesting that you purposely leave your dog alone for varied periods of time every day.

Leave your dog at home while the entire family takes a short walk. While you make a run to the post office or grocery store, have remaining family members go into their rooms or outside for a few minutes. Practicing leaving your dog home alone now can prevent issues in the future.
Practice proper social distancing while walking your dog.

Be well, be safe and be kind.

Click here for some advice from
Pluto for dealing with COVID-19.
Upcoming educational opportunities
Puppy zoom sessions
Luvk9s has been offering chat sessions for new puppy owners Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 11 am. If you are interested in participating, email us at luvk9s3972@att. net.

Virtual training opportunity
Looking for a live class to take from home? Luvk9s will be offering a virtual AKC Novice Trick Dog Title class. Click here for more info.

Luvk9s is hoping to restart classes in late May.
Red Barn Kennels in Dawsonville (Big Canoe)
Ball Ground Hounds in Ball Ground

Luvk9s has suspended in-home private consults but is offering virtual online sessions.
Contact us for more information.

Dogs love learning!
"Now I know why my dog gets so excited to go for walks."
Jordan Dakota on Twitter talking about sheltering in place