Volume 14 | Number 06
Luvk9s August monthly newsletter
Summer - the perfect season to spend time outdoors with your dog. But with record temperatures across the nation, remember that dogs have a more difficult time cooling down than we do.

Tips to keep your dog cool and prevent heatstroke:

  • Check the temperature of surfaces your dog is walking on. Black asphalt gets hot quickly.
  • Exercise outdoors early in late in the day. Consider alternate indoor activities to tire out your dog.
  • Provide plenty of access to water and shade.
  • Never leave your dog unattended in the car.
  • Watch for signs of heatstroke and educate yourself on what to do if your dog is in distress.

Enrichment activity - activity #12
DIY indoor agility course
Photo by Doris Dressler
Set up an indoor agility / obstacle course using items you may already have at home.

Bathroom toilet plungers (or paper towel rolls) are an easy way to simulate agility weave poles. A broom handle between two chairs is a great make-shift agility jump. If your dog is small, use a child's play tunnel as your agility tunnel. Place a long, sturdy piece of lumber on top of two bricks to create a dog walk. Be creative!

Leash Reactivity
Image courtesy of Pixabay
Does your dog pull, lunge, growl and/or bark at other dogs while on leash? You’re not alone.
Leash reactivity is usually on any list of “top 10 dog behavior issues.”

Most reactive dogs are not aggressive, but simply fearful. Why does this happen? And what can you do to address this issue?
Upcoming educational opportunities
Photo courtesy of brgfx at freepik
Thursday classes in Ball Ground starting Sept 1
AKC STAR PUPPY class starts at 7 PM

Friday classes in Ball Ground starting Sept 9
BASIC OBEDIENCE class starts at 9 AM

Saturday classes in Ball Ground starting Sept 10
BASIC OBEDIENCE class starts at 9 AM
CANINE GOOD CITIZEN (CGC) starts at 12:30 PM

Luvk9s also offers private, in-home consultations as well as phone consults.

We can also help prepare your dog for therapy or service dog work.