Volume 13 | Number 07
Luvk9s August monthly newsletter
Summer - the perfect season to spend time outdoors with your dog. But with record temperatures
across the nation, remember that dogs have a more difficult time cooling down than we do.

Tips to keep your dog cool and prevent heatstroke

* Check the temperature of surfaces your dog is walking on. Black asphalt gets hot quickly.
* Exercise outdoors early or late in the date. Consider alternate indoor activities to tire out your dog.
* Provide plenty of access to water and shade.
* Never leave your dog unattended in the car.
* Watch for signs of heatstroke and educate yourself on what to do.

Click here to learn about heatstroke and what actions to immediately take if your dog is overheated.
Enrichment activity - game #2
Photo by Doris Dressler
The ASPCA notes that the key to a happy and healthy dog is "regular enrichment and allowing them to engage in their innate behaviors such as play, chase, smelling, chewing and scavenging."

This month's enrichment activity is the "muffin tin game" which you can easily make with items you have at home. Grab a muffin tin, put a treat into each opening and place a tennis ball on top of the treat. Your dog will have to remove the tennis balls to get to the treat. This is a particularly fun game for tennis ball fanatics!

Click here for more information.
Separation Anxiety
An interesting phenomenon of the pandemic was the adoption of rescue dogs by Americans who were homebound, resulting in shelters actually running out of dogs available for adoption.

Unfortunately, another phenomenon is now occurring as a result of Americans returning to the office. Dogs who had companionship 24/7 are now home alone – and many are struggling with separation anxiety.

What is separation anxiety and what can you do about it?
You're leaving me AGAIN????
Upcoming educational opportunities
Photo compliments of Pixabay
Thursday classes in Big Canoe
Basic class starts Aug. 12 at 9 AM
Canine Good Citizen starts Aug. 12 at 10:30 AM

Friday classes in Ball Ground
Puppy class starts Aug. 13 at 8:30 AM
Basic class starts Aug. 13 at 10 AM

Saturday classes in Ball Ground
Puppy class starts Aug. 14 at 8:30 AM
Basic class starts Aug. 14 at 10 AM

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